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No Fish Burps, Good Nutrition and Reducing Inflammation – All For Your Heart!

Can You Eat Heart Healthy on a Budget?

Change can be scary, especially when you have a small food budget. When you think about having to eat healthy, if you are not used to it, it can be scary! 

Here are some simple tips that anyone can implement into their grocery shopping:

  • Compare Labels
  • Eat What’s In Season
  • Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

For more tips you can head over to Heart-Healthy Eating on a Budget by Johns Hopkins Medical. 

What Is Safe?

The more I read and educate myself the scarier this world seems to become. I wish that ignorance was bliss. That isn’t the case though. The more you don’t know the more harm you can be doing to yourself and those you love. 

Did you know that vitamins and supplements could hurt you, if your body isn’t deficient in it? Did you know the best place to get vitamins for your body (this includes the heart) is from whole food? 

I am on a couple vitamins because of my autoimmune disorders. I am deficient in these and they are monitored by my doctor with blood levels. However, most of my nutrition does come from me eating whole food nutrition, daily, in the form of capsules. This whole food nutrition has saved my life. I was not getting enough nutrition prior to eating these daily. Even with me following the food guidelines recommended by my doctors. 

Want to learn more about if what you are taking is safe? You can read The Truth About Heart Vitamins and Supplements.

Learn more about the whole food nutrition I eat daily!

Does Inflammation Hurt Your Heart? 

Most people know some things about heart disease. Most people know that if you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure you are at greater risk.

There are also other indicators. At a recent training event I went to for our company, we were educated by Dr. Miles. They are currently learning that a better indicator to whether or not you will have a heart attack is your homocysteine levels. I am not a doctor but I had never even heard about homocysteine levels prior to that training! It is a common amino acid that hangs out in your blood. High levels are a good indictor of heart disease. 

Inflammation can be another thing that is adding to your heart disease. Inflammation is a natural defense of your immune system when you are sick or your body is healing from an injury. This is a good thing.

However, if you have a constant inflammation response you are heading into troubled waters. Inflammation of your arteries can lead to clots and other health related problems. 

Learn more about action you can take to help reduce your risk for unwanted inflammation.

I have avoided “fish oil” for a long time. It has been recommended to me over and over and over. When you have an immune deficiency, your body isn’t working properly.

You see when you have an autoimmune disorder (or many like I do), your body is full of inflammation. Your immune system is on overdrive. Your body is attacking your own body. This causes inflammation. This causes illness because when you are around someone with a cold, your immune system is so busy fighting your own body that it can’t fight the foreign bodies that have entered.

To be completely honest, I did take it for about a month. To be completely honest, it was awful! I was one of those people (and maybe everyone has this happen) who would burp and would taste and smell fish! I was making myself sick from the small and taste so I gave up.

Now, I do take an omega and it is plant based and it is amazing! NO FISH BURPS!!!

Want to learn more about the benefits of a plant based omega? Check out this video by Dr. Mitra Ray! 

Want to ditch the fish burps? Click here to check out the plant based omegas my whole family takes. This includes my 8 and 11 year old, who put the capsule in their mouth and chew it! 

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