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How Healthy Is Your Heart?

It is hard to believe we are already in June! We have hit the halfway point in 2019. 

The month of June we are going to be focusing on heart health!

So often we focus on our body. We look in the mirror and see how we look and we forget about all of the important parts that help our bodies function. Our heart health is so important to our daily life. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers world wide!

In this article they focus on 15 heart healthy foods you can start to add to your daily diet! 

I must admit, there is one I do not agree with fully. At least in the way they suggest you consume it. I do believe eating your Omega daily is important. I do not believe it has to be fish oil though! I eat a plant based Omega daily (no fish burps for me). I have learned that fish oil isn’t sustainable and really you are getting your omega not from the fish but the food they eat! So I personally go directly to the source and skip the fishy burps. 

Some people have no choice and have to use medications to improve their heart. Others can use these 9 steps to help improve their heart health without medication! 

The good news is even if you are put on medication, you can still doing these 9 steps to help improve your heart even more!

What is one out of these nine you could start doing today?

In this Ted Talk, Richard Weller talks about his research with the sun and your cardiovascular system. Yes, the sun causes skin cancer but is it needed to keep other systems healthy?

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