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Medication Can Use Gluten and Dairy For Fillers and They Don’t Have to Tell The Consumers!

Common Fillers in Medications and Supplements

My allergy/sensitivity to medications is extensive. When I go in for any appointment, the review of my meds takes longer than the appointment itself. Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, I have been doing a lot of research because of things I have read.
The more I learn the more livid I become! There are two medications that I will never be able to be without. One is a blood thinner and the other is thyroid medication.

Currently there is not a single blood thinner out there that does not have either: gluten or dairy in it.

And the worst part is: THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TELL THE CONSUMER!!!

I take this every night. I have taken a blood thinner for over 12 years now. I was on warfarin for the longest and my levels were not stable for long periods. Since learning about this I have found out that the brands that I had been taking had both gluten and dairy in it.
The medication I am taking now only has dairy in it. It still gives me pain and grief each night but I have ZERO other options!

Why are these companies allowed to use common allergens in their medications, vitamins, supplements and do not have to disclose they have gluten or dairy as a filler in it? Why is this allowed? How is this okay?

It is allowed and it is okay because it is such a small amount. They need these to be effective. What I have found online is that because it is such a minuscule amount it should not bother anyone. Well guess what, it bothers me and I am certain I am not the only person who it bothers.

Now being placed on a thyroid medication I have done research and there are two that are without fillers. One of them my Endo does not believe in using. He has agreed to put me on it (which I am thankful for) but because he doesn’t use it, he is treating it like the common med that is used and he is unwavering because he doesn’t believe in it.
So here I am, on a medication that won’t hurt me with side effects from the fillers, however I have a doctor who doesn’t agree with the medication and won’t learn the best way to use it and what labs to do.

So you see, it isn’t that I am allergic or sensitive to 95% of those medications. It is that I am having a reaction to the fillers that are in the medications I can’t handle! I have been having struggles with medications since I can recall. Literally in 8th grade I was put on pain meds because my brother smashed my finger in a van door (while this may not sound bad, they had to call an ortho specialist in because it was hamburger). It was Good Friday and on Easter Sunday I about passed out in church and we figure out it was the pain med. That was the first time either. Antibiotics were a guarantee for stomach cramps, diarrhea and headaches.

This is really frustrating to me.

While these companies do not have to provide the consumers, they do have to include the information with the product. So, maybe you can develop a good relationship with your pharmacist and go from there. If you don’t want to take the time to create a relationship you can always go to DailyMed which I have seen on a few site because it supposedly has a searchable database of package inserts.

This is frustrating and it isn’t just for me I am sure. There are a lot of issues out there and this should not be one I am dealing with on a daily basis, but it is.

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