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Movement May Wrap Up

As We Wrap Up May…

Let’s talk about some more ways to get nutrition into your body so that you can maximize the movement you are doing in your day to day life!

Healthy Starts for Healthy Families

We have incorporated the healthy starts for healthy families programinto our daily life. The biggest problem we have in our home, especially with the two youngest children is their love of anything that isn’t healthy. 

When we learned about the healthy starts program, I was willing to try it out. I mean, it was a one year commitment to the worlds largest study on children and nutrition! 

I was desperate and wanted my family to be eating a lot more fruits, veggies and berries. Until this program came into our life, I was not successful at incorporating anything daily into their diets. Well that is unless it was junk!

Now, every day we eat our whole food nutrition from the healthy starts program. My children willingly choose a variety of fruits and veggies. 

Another perk was that because of a donation made in the children’s name (by our sponsor), with our adult purchase, the children eat free for 4 years!

Healthy Starts for Healthy Families was one of the easiest ways for us to incorporate nutrition into our daily life.  

Healthy Starts for Healthy Families Fact
Healthy Starts for Healthy Families Fact
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Smoothie

Here is another quick and easy way to get nutrition in your body! Complete Smoothie! Here is a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Smoothie!

The Ripple Effect of Nutrition
In this video, Valerie Miles, M.D. talks about the next generation. She addresses how what we eat, what our children eat does to the generations to come!

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