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Are There Things You Learned Growing Up That Could Be Hurting You Now?

Are You Doing What Is Best For Your Body?

We Are Conditioned As We Age!

But what if everything we have learned over the years about exercise, nutrition and how to eat is all wrong? Are you willing to try something new to see if it changes how you are living and thriving?

What Does Healthy Movement Mean To You?

What do you think “healthy movement” really means? I when personally think about movement, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise at a gym. I know you don’t need a gym to workout but that is what I think about. 

I found this great site (it is a great resource even with it is promoting a personal health couching program) that talks about the real and surprising reasons healthy movement matters

Some of the great points from the article:

  • We are all, literally, born to move
  • If you move well, you also live, think and live well
  • We don’t need “workouts” to move
  • Movement does more than just “get us into shape”

So many great points and suggestions! I think I have found a “new” site that I will be referencing on a regular basis! I hope you take a few moments to read this article. There is so much important knowledge you can gleam from it!

Where does your nutrition come from?

There is so many amazing blogs, newspapers, articles and anything you could think off on the internet! That also means there is a lot of conflicting information about what is correct to eat or drink. 

We all have our own opinions and it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. However, the question I keep coming back to is, when people first came to exist, what did they eat?

I do not care if you believe in creation, the big bang, electric spark, panspermia or another theory on how life came to be. One thing that everyone can agree upon is that when humans were first here we did not have factories, processed foods, fast grown animals with hormones and antibiotics, pesticides, supplements, or fast food restaurants that provided quick meals.

The food that was eaten was the food that could be grown, harvested, hunted and picked.

So how does any of this play into healthy movement and our bodies?

If we are not getting proper nutrition our bodies, our minds and our life is going to be affected. This is such a short but great article on the importance of nutrition from before, during and after

So where is your nutrition coming from?

Does Dieting Really Work?

Nutrition Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy

How do we form our eating habits? We do no just start eating food and loving or hating everything. We learn from those around us.

Typically when you are growing up, you just eat what your parents put in front of you and what they eat. When you get older and get into school you either eat what the school provides (and don’t get me started on the lack of “nutrition” that goes into school meals) or what is sent to school with you.

Then as you get into middle school and high school things start to change. Looks really start to matter. Kids start to talk about others and become critical of what they wear, what they eat and how much they weigh.

What if we could teach children and reteach adults to listen to their bodies? To eat when you are hungry? To eat slowly so your brain can catch up with your stomach? How would that change America and our obesity problem? 

In this TED TALK Sandra Aamodt talks about “Why diets don’t usually work”. Are you willing to be open and honest with your children and take in the reality of how we really should be eating as adults? Are you willing to change how you are eating?

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