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How Does Nutrition Affect Your Movement?

This May we are talking about Movement. Do you know how nutrition affects your movement? If you are not getting the proper nutrition, if you are only eating sugars and processed foods, no mater how much you move and how active you are, there is no way to be healthy. 

Today we are talking about the good, the bad and the processed foods.

Nothing But Processed Foods

What is the difference between processed food and real food? Would you be able to tell someone if they asked? Here is an article that talks about 11 ways that processed food are different than real foods!

I wish I could say you could walk through a store and have common sense to know what to avoid. The problem that a lot of people have is not knowing. Undereducated and low income can make it difficult to have access to healthier foods. 

Here are 17 processed foods you should avoid! Which overall probably summarizes all of the processed foods out there! 

I admit, we have processed foods in our home. We are working on eliminating them completely! Because the truth is: processed foods are addictive, make you gain weight and steal your health!

What Is So Important About Knowing About Nutrients?

Nutrition is important because it fuels our body. It won’t do you any good though if you do not understand the different parts of nutrition. 

Most people know that they need to eat but many do not understand the components of a good meal or snack. So one of the best places we can start is to learn about the different parts of nutrition. 

Interested in learning about important nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats? Click the image above to learn the importance of each one in your daily food choices. 

Real Food vs. Supplements

Hopefully most people know that real food is the best place to get the vitamins and nutrients we need to live. At some point though, we dove head first into taking supplements! We have been told by doctors, nurses, chiropractors, and lay people that there was no way to get the nutrition needed from our foods and we had to take supplements.

So what happens when research tells us now that those people who are getting their nutrition from real foods vs. supplements are living longer? Do you stop taking supplements and jump into just real food? What is considered “real food”?

Click to learn more about how you can live longer by getting your nutrients from real food!

Learn to Eat With Joy!

Have you wondered about the diets that come and go? What is healthy for you, what is bad for you and how do you figure it out before you try it? In this Ted Talk, Joanna Mcmillan talks about “Eating for Real Change” and most of all she helps you learn how to eat with joy! 

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