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My Road To The St. Jude’s Marathon

Jack and Amy covered in frosting and cupcake. #thinkonechangeWell let me just tell you a little bit about who I am.

I am a 42 year old (almost 43) wife and mom (that is Jack and I celebrating birthdays with a cupcake fight). I have a few really good friends, a lot of friends and a lot of acquaintances. I have numerous autoimmune disorders and until March 2016 my life was being run by them.

I didn’t think I would be doing much of anything for the rest of my life. I had gone into a horrible depression, I didn’t want to get out of bed daily, and the quality of my life had plummeted downward so fast I missed the whole thing!

In March of 2016 I started taking capsules that are whole food based nutrition. I had tried at this point everything and anything to help. I had been to see doctors, specialists,Whole Food Based Nutrition Capsules #thinkonechange use essential oils (which helped but didn’t heal me the way I wanted), tried to push myself with exercise to just make it better, did prescriptions, elimination diets, joined and used many health products from network marketing companies and then finally gave in and started on the whole food based nutrition.

Since March 2016 things have really changed for me and my family. I could go into a lot of details but, you can do a search (or message) if you are interested.

About a month or so ago (actually as I sit and think about this, it has been longer than that) on our team call they had brought in someone from corporate to talk to us about how this company gives back. Really they are amazing and I am so blessed we have found them but back to the 2018 Goals: #roadtostjudes #healthierme #beahero #helpotehrsthrive #thinkonechangejourney.

She spoke to us about St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and all that they actually do for their patients and the families. Talk about mind blowing. I knew that those families went away without having to pay a dime but it is so much more than that! Maybe as I go alone I will get into more details, but they are truly an amazing place.

Their biggest fundraiser is their annual marathon they do the first week of December each year. My heart had this familiar squeeze and ache. I think this is God’s new way of getting my attention and boy does it work! It didn’t take me long to know I was supposed to be a “hero” (what they call those who participate and raise funds for this event).Be selective with those who are in your life! #thinkonechange

I didn’t put it out there at first. To be completely honest, I was hoping no one else had thought about it and it would just pass by. But as time went on and I started to see others from our team posting about what their plans were, I knew I had to actually put it out there!

I skipped the whole month of December and the first week of January. It probably would have been wise to start in December but I reasoned with myself that I had a whole 11 months if I started when the kids went back to school.

Currently I am in week two of being at the gym. I will do a short review about how the first week went a little later.

Here is a really short video that talks a little about my #roadtostjudes

I do not know what this journey is going to bring, but I hope you join me on it!

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