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I Have Been Quiet

I am around. I am thinking. I am cleaning. I am making it through the first week of school.

When the summer comes, I have a schedule and we did really good about sticking to it. I did indulge in the kiddos more than I had planned to (that sounds bad) but it was perfect. We swam, we went to the library, we walked, we played, we overall had a really good summer. That has come to an end though and this was our first week of school.

I am proud to say that tomorrow is the last day of school for the week and I am almost 99% positive that we are going to make it our first full week without any absences. Unfortunately for my children, they have my poor immunity. There has not been a year up to this point that one of my children has not missed at least one day the first week of school. It isn’t that they want to miss, but by day three they are typically feeling miserable and have a fever before heading to bed and by day four they are missing school because of the fever.

We are not without feeling sick. Jack David is complaining of a sore throat and his cough is starting. But I know it is from a runny nose this time. Currently he is sleeping in my bed with a diffuser going and we doubled up on his fruit, veggie and berry chews today. Plus add to all of that, he is growing so his legs are waking him up from the pain. He has not started a fever though and by now, he would have the fever. So I am about 99% positive both of the children will make it to school tomorrow.

As we are getting into the school year, I am also refocusing on our business. I did a lot of slacking over the summer that I had not planned on doing. The positive thing though is that we were still getting our residual checks, they just were not growing much. So I have decided it is time to do some serious focusing on it. It is time to really help others to get healthier and to help others realize their dreams as well!

Along with refocusing on our business, I have joined a group to help with that. Our team started some teams that are here to help everyone duplicate, encourage, support, correct, help and grow. It is two folds actually. There is the big group of people who are all working toward the same goal and then there are smaller pods within the group who is your small group help. So far, just listening to the first meeting and then talking in the small group, I am really encouraged. I am getting laser focused and I already accomplished more than I could have imagined!

So I have been quiet but I have had some things going on. I do have a favor to ask though: prayers, good vibes or even just passing this on to others who pray would be truly appreciated.

There is a lot of pain, heartache and sorrow going on around the world, in our country, states, communities and those who are close to each of us. Please pray for those who are being affected by Harvey. There is a lot of scary things going on down in Texas right now. I have friends who have reported that when they went down to help with their boats, people are acting stranded and then trying to rob those who are helping or are even shooting at those who are helping. Why? So everyone who is helping, who is stranded, who has lost their homes, belongings and even family and friends, please pray.

I also have a lot of people around me who are dealing with cancer: Dana, Gary, Brison, Heather, Terry, Megan, Bobby, Michael and a few who have asked to remain unknown. Please pray for their healing (whatever God has planned for their personal healing). Please pray for peace for the one who has the cancer and the families. Please pray for guidance with tough decisions that need to be made. Please pray for all of the healthcare workers who are there to help.

So much has been going on in our personal life that I often feel like “our” issues are so minor to what others are going through. And yet, God loves and cares about each one of us, each tear that falls and all that troubles each and every one of His children. There are a lot of things happening. Just please pray.

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