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Keepers of the Faith Quartet

Tonight I was blessed enough to go to my church and help support Community Recovery by attending the Keepers of the Faith group. Their story brought me to tears. They music spoke to my soul.

This concert is not at our church but it will give you an idea of what I had the privilege of watching tonight.

They reminded me during their testimony why I am involved with Friday nights. They reminded me how powerful God is. They reminded me that God is able to work in the hearts of the unsaved. They reminded me that I am a Christian who is a sinner who is loved and who has a relationship with Christ.

God has a plan for me. I may not fully know what it is but I am enjoying where I am heading right now. There are hopes and dreams I have and I can see Him working in my life and changing things. I have things I have never admitted to others but have been praying about, and things are moving.

God is in the job of miracles and moving hearts that seem unmovable. Never give up praying, never give up hope and always give everything over to Him. It doesn’t mean you stand still and do nothing, it just means before making rash choices, you go to Him first.

I know two people in my life who have given me real hope. Hope that my children do not have to go through the things I did in my life. Two people who gave their lives over to Christ and lead a good life. These two people made good choices, let God rule their lives and at least one of them said the feel as if they didn’t really live and experience life.

And yet, I look at them and see that they have experienced life, a good life, a Christian life. Yes they have some hardship but not the hardships I personally caused in my life. They never had the consequences of making really bad choices.

Do not get me wrong, all children, teens and young adults can make bad choices. Even though who have Christ in their life. But these two, they didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant out of wedlock, they didn’t have to worry about if they were self medicating to drowned out the things they didn’t know how to deal with, they didn’t have to worry about a lot of things I dealt with on a regular basis.

Things that I brought on myself. My choices. My impulsive decisions. My lack of care or concern about what the outcome would be.

I look up to know and they give me hope. They give me hope that my daughter and my son, my youngest two, can be like these two amazing women. They can accept Christ and they can look to Him before they make rash decisions. They can be happy and not be missing out on life by putting Him first.

They can volunteer. They can be in the youth group. They can go on mission trips. They can pray. They can group up in the church and they can have a relationship with Christ. They can have a RELATIONSHIP with Christ!

I grew up in a church. I went to a grade school that was religious based. Do you know what I wasn’t taught? I wasn’t taught to read the Bible. I wasn’t taught to have a relationship with Christ. I went to church. I memorized some prayers. I memorized some Bible verses. I learned how to do communion, confession, and I went to CCD.

But I was never taught to have a relationship with Christ. I am going to teach my children how to have a relationship with Him. I want my children to be like those two women I know. I want they to be able to make their own choices with Christ. I want them to know that they can experience life, have a great time, help others, have good friends and still make good choices.

Tonight I was reminded of where I have come from. Tonight I was reminded that I am not the same sinner I was when I first accepted Christ. I am a totally new sinner. I won’t ever be free from that this side of heaven but I will continue to work on my issues and problems. I can continue to be better than I am today.

Tonight I was reminded of the fact that I have to teach my children. I have to show them how to have a relationship with Christ. That I have to pray in front of them. That I have to read my Bible in front of them. That I have to volunteer in front of them and involve them. I can’t just tell them to do it, I have to show them how to do it!

Tonight I was lucky and blessed to be able to go to the concert. I was really happy to be able to listen to them sing and to their testimony. Now it is time to use what I was reminded of and to help teach my children about having a relationship with Christ.

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