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Signs You Could Be Missing That Help You and Doctors Detect Autoimmune Disease

I have talked a lot about the fact I have autoimmune issues. Yes technically they are diseases, I prefer to call them issues.

I have been following a blog: Her Unusual Journey and she has been dealing with and dealt things very similar to me.

Here is the thing I know there are others out there who suffer like I have and do from time to time still. Yet when I read it, see it, hear about it, I am still heartbroken. I would not wish the things I have gone through on anyone I know.

She recently wrote a blog titled, “Signs That I Missed In Detecting Autoimmune Disease” and it was spot on. Here is a part of what she wrote:

Hey Guys! Okay, so I know I’ve talked about this before but I had signs of autoimmune disease when I was growing up we ignored. If you have any symptoms of anything I recommend getting checked out before its too late-better to be safe than sorry. I am just going to go into some of the things I’ve experienced that are common with autoimmune disease. I read an article that brought me to this realization on

I’ve had major major issues with fatigue my whole life. I never thought anything of it other than I was a growing teenager or child. I mean 8 hours of sleep can’t even satisfy the fatigue I have. I am always always tired. Coffee doesn’t work, adderall doesn’t work. It’s for sure a major issue in my life because I have to nap constantly.

Muscle Weakness, Muscle Pain, & Joint Pain
I started having problems with this more and more as my autoimmune disease has developed particularly this year. You probably recall me talking about how I feel like I’m stuck in an 80 year old’s body–this is why. Also, when I was younger (and still now), I had this burning pain in my back when I was stressed and no one could figure out why and well all I can say is wooooowwww.

Swelling/ Inflammation
This is kind of new still. During my flares my right eye swells up so-that’s always good.

Susceptibility to Infections
Hahahahahahaha is all I can say. Lemme just tell you this year alone I’ve had multiple sinus infections, walking pneumonia, and regular colds. Whenever anyone sneezes or coughs on me I know I am done and down for the count.

I highly encourage you to go and read the rest of this amazing post! You see I have dealt with all of these things, for a long time. I never connected them to being related to a much bigger issue, like an autoimmune disease. I really thought and felt it was what adolescents went through. I never grew out of these things though, so I guess when I hit my mid-twenties I should have realized that something more was going on! Still didn’t catch on.

When I did finally start to reach out to my doctors and I did start to get diagnosed, I never knew the things I was being diagnosed with were actually autoimmune diseases. Not a single doctor said those words to me. It didn’t actually click and sink in that I had autoimmune issues until my general practitioner said she wanted to send me to an immunologist. Then a light bulb went off that maybe I had some autoimmune things happening.

That is when I looked up what autoimmune diseases were, what made them that, how they were treated, how they affect people and if you could get rid of them. At that point I realized that 90% of the things doctors had diagnosed me with were all autoimmune diseases. It was pretty heartbreaking. Especially since no one had figured out what was causing the overall body pain, swelling, infections and everything else that I had going on.

I am doing much better since I changed my eating habits seventeen months ago. I am doing much better since I started to flood my body with whole food based nutritional capsules daily. I never thought I could say that fruits, veggies, berries, chocolate and vanilla would change my life. And yet it has!

I can’t encourage you enough to go and visit Sydney and her extremely well written post about signs you may be missing! I wish that this post had been around when I had no idea what was going on! You won’t regret the time it takes to read what she wrote.

How I Go Outside When Illness Is Raging Around. Autoimmune Issues.  #thinkonechange

So this is me when I go out in public and illness is flying around. When I am sick or when the flu (stomach and lung), gastro anything, common colds or anything, this is how I look when I go out of the house. Having any autoimmune problems leads to needing protection. It is not fun, especially with glasses on. I tend to fog them up (anyone have suggestions for that?) and then I can’t see. Still if it helps save me from being down with an illness I will take it.
Swollen Eye During Flare Up. Autoimmune Issues.  #thinkonechange

So this is how I used to look when I would get a flare up. Smallest flare ups for me lead to swollen eye, swollen nose and swollen lips. If I was really lucky I would also end up a swollen cheek. Thankfully it has been about twelve months since I have had swollen eye, nose, cheek and lips during a flare up. Not only did I hate going out in public but it was extremely painful. I didn’t think I would ever be so thankful to not have swelling on my face.


Rosacea, Red, Pustules, Painful.  Autoimmune Issues.  #thinkonechange

This was me, not at my worst with rosacea. Which come to find out is an autoimmune disease. My face would be red, swollen, full of pustules, and I called myself a reverse clown face. I couldn’t have my children kiss me or touch my face without pain. My husband would kiss me and I would be in tears. I would wash my face while I cried. It was one of the most miserable times of my life. My body didn’t look red like my face but the rest of my body was in just as much pain as my face was. I wasn’t happy, I didn’t smile, I cried most of the time and I had no idea how in the world I was going to continue living the way I was.

Autoimmune issues are real and they affect every part of your life. You may be missing signs that show you have autoimmune issues going on. Go read her blog. She may have something that opens your eyes and helps you talk to your doctor about what is going on.


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