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Brison Ricker Update

Here is the full update on Brison.

Big Improvements! They started Brison on a heavy dose of steroids last night and the fog is starting to lift, praise Jesus! Yesterday at one point he didn't even know his name, so it was very scary! His thoughts are much clearer now but not back to 100% yet, however his speech is back to normal! They are continuing the high steroids through today and then he will go down to a low dose that they expect will be sufficient. I did speak with his oncologist here and he feels that Brison is stable and that we should continue what we are doing! This was so great to hear from him! They placed a feeding tube this afternoon, well actually three… they were having issues, The first one had a wire they couldnt get out, the second one the end came out the other nostril within 15 minutes and then they switched sides and that one is still in. So now his nose and throat and very irritated and the meal he was so looking forward to eating after three days with no food, no longer was possible. Hopefully the irritation will be better soon. Until then they have started tube feeds to get him some nutrition. Other than the pain this causes, his pain is under control now with decreased frequency on pain meds and his vomiting has stopped too. If things keep improving at this rate we will likely be able to go home tomorrow or Tuesday.

Today Preston starts his second low iodine diet in preparation for his scans that we will get the 24th. My plan was to have been home to feed him all the foods he loves before going on this diet he struggles so badly with but I had to be here with Brison obviously. I planned to shop and prepare so he had some options that were not so bad for him and that hasn't taken place either. Being torn between my babies is so hard, but he is in good hands at one of his best friends house and we are so grateful for their help and being there for Preston when we can't. We pray to hear NED (no evidence of disease) on his upcoming scans!

Please keep both Brison and Preston in your prayers as they continue to fight the same yet such different diseases. Please share.

#childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #powerofprayer #rickerstrong

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