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Ricker Family Update – August 8, 2017

Life is not fair. We were never promised it would be fair. If you read the book of Job, you can see it isn't fair.

While we can not compare any of our situations to each other, I sometimes I feel guilty when I ask for prayers. Especially when I know this families struggles and their hardships. But that isn't what God wants, He wants all of us coming to Him.

This is the most recent update from Kim:

8/8/17 Update – Brison has not been feeling very well and having more bad days than good days. He is having a really tough time tolerating his treatments, keeping his electrolytes balanced has been the hardest, even with getting IV fluids a couple times a week. When his sodium gets really high and potassium low, is causes nausea, no appetite, vomiting, and dehydration. So then we have to stop treatment for 1-3 days until he gets feeling better and restart them. It has been a vicious cycle. I am looking into giving him IV fluids myself at home so that it can be done daily to help avoid this, also considering a feeding tube still since I could not only get extra fluids in that way but and also much needed nutrition. He has been having headaches more frequent, we are hoping this

To see the rest of the update be sure to head over to the families gofundme page.

This family has been through a lot over the past year in a half. They just keep on praying, keep on trusting, keep on believing and doing what needs to be done. The community here and the DIPG community stand with them.

I am asking that you stand with them as well. Pray for them. Donate to them if you can. Share their gofundme updates with others.

The more people who see, share, know about their story, the more people who can stand with them and help them ask God leads them.

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