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Cancer, Health, Overall Wellness

Not about perfection but balance.  #thinkonechangeI wish I could say that my eating habits were perfect and I only made good choices. But I am not perfect. There are times I make really poor choices. Like today, I really wanted a sweet treat and so I ate marshmallows. While it isn’t an overall bad choice, my body doesn’t do well with processed sugars anymore. It probably never did well but I made the choice to not associate it with my poor eating habits.

I have been flooding my body daily with whole food nutrition (in capsules) and it has changed my life. I know what happens when I make poor choices and yet I still make them. Tonight my body is rebelling from my poor choices earlier today. It is crazy how fast the processed sugars now affect my body. It is what happens when you remove them from your diet.

I thought I was a healthy person. I ate my fruits and veggies each day. I had all of my servings. So why wasn’t I healthier? Because I was still making unhealthy choices. I wasFocus on the GOOD.  #thinkonechange still eating junk food. I was eating a lot of processed sugars. I was eating a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates (cookies, cakes, bread, etc.).

Not only that but I wasn’t eating a variety of fruits and veggies. I was only eating a few of each and that isn’t enough to help your body be healthy. Each fruit, veggie and berry has its own phytonutrients  that work with its own organs of the body. It was no wonder that my body was still in a broken state. It was no wonder that when I started taking the whole food nutrition daily my body started to heal and get better.

Cancer seems to run in my family. If I continued on the path I was, I was pretty certain I would end up with cancer. There are a ton of people in my life who have cancer. I wish I would reach out to them and help them. I have something that would help but just like me, they are skeptical and don’t get it yet.

Diet/Over Exercising vs Cleansing.  #thinkonechangeIt isn’t always easy to make changes, especially when it comes to our health. We just want to eat what we like. We want what tastes great. Which is one reason that I talk about think about one change at a time. Add just the good stuff and maybe when you start to feel a little better from the goodness, you will then start to make other changes.

I am not perfect but I am focusing on balanced living now. I wasn’t when I first started. Do you live a balanced life? It isn’t always easy, like I said earlier. Have you ever heard about the healthy living revolution? It is exactly what it sounds like!

It is a focus on changing your life so that you are getting healthy. Making healthier choices. Moving more. Getting enough sleep. It is about changing your life. Thinking about one simple change at a time. There is no point in overwhelming our bodies, ourShred10 - 10 days giving up things that are not serving you.  #thinkonechange minds and our lives with trying to change everything at once.

Trying to make a complete overhaul is a perfect way to give up on everything. At least for me. I used to go into something 100% with trying to make changes. It was an all or nothing mentality. It would work for a while and then I would give it all up. It was just to much for me.

It has been sixteen months since I started making changes in my life. Guess what? I have been making slow changes and each change I have made I have kept going. I am still not perfect but I haven’t given any of it up. To me that is amazing.

In the past sixteen months my life has changed. Here in Michigan it has been raining for the last three days. Do you have any idea what would happen to me prior to rainy days before I started to make these changes? Let me take  you through the basics:

  • My body would
  • img_0604 start to ache, especially my hands, shoulders, elbows, knees, feet, thighs, hips and neck.
  • I would barely be able to move without being in pain that was a 10+.
  • I would attempt to do laundry (basement) and my knees would give out.
  • I would attempt to do dishes and I would break cups, plates, glasses and anything else glass in my sink because I would not hold onto it.
  • I would not be able to hold a brush or comb to take care of my hair and would need my daughter to pull my hair up into a messy bun (because a ponytail would show it was uncombed).
  • I would attempt
    to vacuum and give up because I wouldn’t close my hand well enough to grip the handle.
  • I would attempt to cook and would either drop the food from the oven while taking it out or putting it in. I would end up burning the food because I didn’t have enough hand strength to stir the food in the pans. Little Caesars was a best friend to me (as long as someone else would go and get it.

Get rid of the doubt and just DO!  #thinkonechangeYesterday I realized this:

I have vacuumed, done dishes and folded clothes today. Then it dawned on me that today has been a rainy day. Sixteen months ago I would not have been able to accomplish any of those today without awful pain and consequences. So thankful for the ability to flood my body with nutrition now!

Do you know how amazing this is? I didn’t lay in bed making my children bring me peanut butter, jelly, and the bread so I could make them a sandwich to eat. I was up and I was active. It is because I have finally taken control of my health. I am not perfect and I still have bad days but I am so much better even on my bad days.

Our health, our wellness, our ability to protect ourselves from illness, autoimmune issues and even cancer really comes down to how we treat our bodies. What we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, what we breath in and if we move or not all makes a difference.

Dr. Dalzell, Oncology Nutrition.  #thinkonechange

I am not saying that you can prevent everything but if you could prevent when it started

would you? If you could live a longer life before serious things showed up in your life, would you? I know I would.

There is a woman who I had the privilege of watching talk and learn from a couple weekends ago. She is amazing with her knowledge. She has a PhD, RD and specialized in Oncology Nutrition.

She is going to be speaking on Sunday, August 6, 2017. If you are interested in hearing this talk, please send me a message. I would love to pass the information on to you!

This is our one and only life. You want to be able to enjoy it your way. Yes sometimes that means not being able to indulge in everything you want all the time. That just means you get a healthier life, a longer life, a life you get to enjoy with your friends and family.



2 thoughts on “Cancer, Health, Overall Wellness”

  1. I agree with eating healthy. I just found out that someone I know has stage 4 cancer and it is devastating to us and especially his family. We really have to take care of our bodies and eat right.

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    1. I am so truly sorry to hear that someone you love has stage 4 cancer. I will be praying for you, him and everyone who knows him.

      This may not be what they are looking for with answers but I highly recommend they watch this video. Kim is amazing, has a passion for end stage oncology patients and has so much knowledge. I had the privilege of seeing her speak in person.

      If you have any questions about what you have seen or what he has seen, please message me at

      I am praying!

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