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Relationship and Business Building

Embrace your story, not perfection!  #thinkonechangeI am a stay at home mom whose children are in school full time now. I felt like I lost my purpose. My husband, Jack works in a factory that doesn’t have room for growth or advancement. Neither of us really wanted me to go back to work full time. There are still opportunities to volunteer in school, because the kiddos are young we would need daycare for the summer and with autoimmune issues for Jack, Bella and myself there is a lot of time I am at home with children missing school. But we were not saving, we didn’t go on vacations, we were not buying food on a regular basis and we were in debt. So I knew I had to find a way to contribute to our household income. Then we found this amazing company and we were flooding our bodies with whole food nutrition. We were getting healthy and we decided we wanted to join the mission to help others get healthy, have fun Just keep going, because it is persistence that makes the change! #thinkonechangedoing it and offer a financial solution for others as well. Now we work the business together, we are working on getting out of debt and I am still able to stay home while contributing to our income. One of the best parts is for the first time in ten years, Jack and I were able to get away for a weekend to build our relationship and our business. Jack still works for the factory but we see a future and retirement with our business! The best part is we get to help others realize and achieve their dreams as well!

That is my business story. I also have a personal story about what the product has done for me. You see this past weekend we did get away. We were able to build our Keep on Learning!  #thinkonechangerelationship, we made new friendships and we worked on our business.

I wish I could find the words to express every feeling I had but I am not sure there is a way. A team member looked at me at the end of the weekend and asked me what I was thinking right then. I looked at him and said, “I’m overwhelmed and could cry.” which then I did proceed to cry.

You see, I have been a part of just about every kind of network marketing there is out there. I have been to meetings, training’s, boot-camps and events. People were nice at them. They would talk to you but I never felt like I belonged.

Then as I am crying I proceed to say, “I felt like I was a part of a community. I felt like I belonged. It didn’t matter where you were in your journey in the company, everyone here just wanted to make sure you had the tools needed to succeed. They didn’t care if
I am unique because that is how I was made. Embrace your uniqueness!  #thinkonechangeyou were on their team, they didn’t care if you just started, they wanted to talk to you, to embrace you, to make you a part of their family and I feel like I am home.” It truly overwhelmed me.

I hugged top people in the company. They answered any and all questions. Their why’s still make them cry, even after 20+ years in the company. They have a passion to help others get healthy, reach their goals and see their dreams come true. It was something I have never had before in my life.

It was a weekend filled with a lot of emotion. When we first got there, I was so anxious because even though I knew some of these people, I didn’t know them. I had no idea what the weekend was going to be like. I was a nervous wreck. Then I walked in, saw The goal from now on: #freedomrevolution  #thinkonechangepeople for the first time in person and felt at ease. Within 10 minutes of being there I had hugged three people.

I learned so much. I heard new things I had never thought of before. I realized things I knew about but didn’t put as much importance on, needed to be important. I connected with my husband, we laughed a lot and we got to do a few things together other than learn more about our business.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by what you just were able to do? I am an emotional person to begin with but this was just so amazing. I was truly beyond blessed with this opportunity. I was even more blessed because Jack was able to go with me.

I was given, well everyone was given, some writing tasks for homework. I have not gotten to them yet but I am pretty sure I know where they will take me and I am proud of it. I have always wanted to feel as if we are financially secure. I was never really certain what that would mean. In the back of my mind I know I want to provide food, aWe're going places!  #thinkonechange house, and to be able to care for those around me. I have said often I just want to be able to pay our bills and put food on the table but the truth is I do want more than that. I do have goals and they are not small ones.

I have goals in life. One of the biggest goals is to be able to give more financially. I want to help teens go on mission trips they may not have gone on. I want to help families put food on their table’s because no one should ever struggle the way we have. I want to help our church’s community recovery program thrive for the kids program. I want to be able to give more to our church and community.

I went into the weekend already knowing that the capsules had changed my life. I went into the weekend already knowing that the business had started to change our lives. I left the weekend knowing that as a family, we have made the best choice we could ever had made for both our health and our wealth.

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