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We Are Buying a Tower Garden

We are pulling the trigger and getting ourselves a tower garden! Wonder how the tower garden works? You can watch this short video that gives an overview:

We have decided it is time to start really saving on our grocery bill! Have been contemplating this move for 16 months now. Before it didn’t make a ton of sense because it was just pretty much myself and ADam who would be eating the fruits and veggies. However since we have been taking our capsules and chews their tastes are changing!
Here is a video with actual customer reviews:

Are you wondering why a tower garden is a better choice verse a traditional garden? There are five researched back benefits to aeroponic gardening.

  1. Tower Gardens can increase yields of up to 30%
  2. Plants grow up to 3x more quickly
  3. Tower Garden uses up to 98% less water
  4. A vertical design requires 90% less space
  5. Pollution and pests are less of a problem

If you would love to read the whole article where this has come from click here!

One nice thing is that with it being summer, I can stick it outside for the rest of the warm weather. Then in the winter we can get the lights on and move it indoors.

Have you ever just been so excited for something? It is almost like I’m a little who can’t sleep because Santa is coming to leave presents under the tree!

Are you looking for a way to help your grocery budget while still eating healthy? Do you love to garden but hate the weeding and getting dirty (I do!)? This could be the perfect solution for you!

Are you worried because you live in a small space? We have talked about that here in our house as well. However we know it isn’t that big. In the winter we are going to put it in the kitchen at the end of the cupboards. I have a couple friends who are in apartments who have them in their living rooms in the winter and then our on their deck in the summer.

I can’t wait to start sharing photos of the growth from our own tower garden!

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