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It Is Not My Plan But His

My day did not go the way I planned. 

I find myself reminding myself that it is ultimately His plan and not mine. He can and does use everything for His purpose. It is His plan and not mine.

My day consisted of a lot of unplanned things. Some good, some not so good and ​

​some were just ehh. 

  • Texting with friends using GIF’s has become a favorite pastime of mine. We have a great conversation and I love laughing. 
  • I cleaned the living room and sweat awful doing it. 
  • I brushed Gracie, my front yard and side yard and part of the back yard looks like a million bunnies were murdered. 
  • I did my personal Bible study. 
  • I drove to Morley to pick my son up. 
  • Helped said son put the camper up so he had some place to sleep. 
  • Planned a really yummy veggie stir fry dinner only to decide it was to hot to cook, everyone ate hot dogs. 
  • I am a sweaty, stinky, need to shower Mama tonight. 
  • I am watching the weather like crazy where Bella is because she is so terrified of storms and some are set to come through. They will be hitting them tomorrow night. It’s taking everything in me not to just go pick her up. 
  • My autoimmune issues are flaring up. Weather changes tend to throw them into high gear. Thankfully due to me being a crappy sleeper lately I have been doubling up in the fruits, veggies and Berries capsules so that will be helpful during the flare up. 
  • I had planned on doing the carpet cleaner today in the living room, it didn’t happen. I learned that over the last week when I gave the kids ten minutes of cleaning time, they were just hiding all the papers and trash. I spent a lot of time throwing thing away today. 
  • Midway through the day I really needed a break, went to go get the oil changed. For whatever reason I decided to go to our local Chevy dealer – thank goodness I did! Everything that needed to be done was covered 100% this time!
  • While we waited for the oil change Jack David, Parker and I went to my favorite place: Anna’s House. It was amazing to drink a cup of coffee. 
  • News that once again nothing is someone’s fault, that if everyone would just do what they are supposed to then this person would be able to do what they are supposed to. Even though this whole situation is because this person didn’t do what they were supposed to do in the first place. Never at fault, never to blame. 
  • I didn’t drink enough water today and I’m feeling it. I tried so hard but sweated far to much and didn’t keep up. 

This day has had many ups and downs. It didn’t go as I expected it to. I’m supposed to be sleeping already because tomorrow is a really early day. 

But I have to remind myself: I have freewill but this life is not my own!

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