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We Make No Apologies For Running A Business And Living A Healthy Life

I have been questioning who I am and if Jack and I are doing the correct things lately. Making a choice to do certain things don’t always make us popular with family and friends. That would cause me to question if it was the correct choice. I do not need their approval for the life we have chosen because we are doing it after prayer and conversations with God. We have His approval, we have Him leading the way and while I would love to have others approve and see what we see, we do not need it.

We made the choice over four years ago to supplement our income with a work at home business. We were heading one direction and we still use those products, we still sign people up but it isn’t where God was leading us. A little over sixteen months ago, we actually got on board with God and where He wanted us to go long ago. Things have still been a bit of a struggle but the best thing is, we are in sync now and we do not need to apologize for what we are doing. You do not have to agree with us, but do not stand in our way. 

Sixteen months ago we decided to change our health and join a business. Sixteen months ago, we had a lot of options in front of us to pick from. Sixteen months ago, we made the choice that our health was so important that we were going to give food a chance to see what it could do. Sixteen months ago, our lives changed.

We went with a company that makes products that are safe for all ages. We went with a company that doesn’t have a warning label on it for if you overdose. We went with a company that doesn’t tell you to check with your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, nursing, a child, on a blood thinner or any other medications. We went with a company that doesn’t have a warning label telling you it is not intended for children under the age of 18. We went with a company that doesn’t have a label telling you to call poison control for accidental overdose. We went with a company that doesn’t have a label stating that if you are under two years of age you can not take it. We went with a company that is making health a priority for all ages. 

We thought long and hard and decided we wanted to be able to help ALL people, ALL ages, and not have to worry about them overdosing because they taste so good. We truly care about others and have a passion to help EVERYONE and the best thing is WE CAN!

We used to buy vitamins at the store. We used to buy supplements at the store. I had to keep them up high, out of the reach of our kiddos, the dogs, the cats, and even us. How in the world did I ever feel safe giving my children something that could be fatal? Have you ever taken the time to read the labels on children’s vitamins? I don’t think I ever really did because if I had read that an overdose could be fatal to my children, I would not have bought them! I was just doing what I was blindly told to do, give your children vitamins because there is no way they are getting what they need from food. 

That is true, we do not get all we need nutrition wise from foods at grocery stores. We have talked about that before here and also here. So we are told to supplement what is missing from our diets with vitamins. Thankfully our family has found another option, one that if my children overdose on it all they are doing is getting more fruits, veggies and berries. There will not be the possibility of any of us ever having a hospital stay from overdosing on our supplements, because we choose whole food based nutrition. 

 There are a lot of options out there. There is a lot of confusing facts out there when it comes to health products. When you read your labels, when you choose a company (for business, health or both) do you know what you are putting into your body? Can you read all of the ingredients? Where do the ingredients come from? Do you know what the ingredients are or do you need to google them to find out? Does your supplement enter your bloodstream and is there solid research to back it up? Is there scientific evidence to prove that it is does healthful things for your body? Has the product ever been researched at all? Does it have a food lable (nutrition) or does it have a supplement label? 

Those questions are something you should always ask yourself before you start on anything. Maybe once you have read what is in your supplement and done your own research you are okay with a product. That is great but you should never just be blinded by what others tell you to do. I have done that for far to long and now that I know better, I make the choice to put our health and wellbeing first! 

Yes, we have a business but we also have our health because of it. Not everyone wants a business and there is nothing wrong with that. I do highly encourage you though to think about your health. Ask those questions for yourself, make sure you are happy with the answers you get! This is about you and your family, where are you being lead? Are you okay with using products that if your children or grandchildren get into it could put them into the hospital? Are you okay with using products that if you take to much could put yourself in the hospital? 

I know the answer for this family is, no we are not okay with that. It is really one of the reasons I love this company. I can make myself a shake and if my children want some of mine, they can have it! If my pregnant friend comes over and wants to try it, she can have it. If my nursing friend comes over and wants to try it, her and her baby can enjoy it. If my children want me to make them a whole shake that they can have all to themselves, there are no issues and they can devour it! 

We had a lot of excuses as to why we went the route we did long ago. We just followed blindly. We were told it would heal us. We just wanted to feel better. We could not afford it. These things at the store are just so much cheaper. How is it possible that product ABC could be so much different than this one. 

We have run out of excuses because now we know the truth. When you take time to do your own research. When you take time to really learn and think about what is going on and what choices you are making. You have to own what you do and what you do not do, that includes what you put into your body.

We no longer try to please others in our life by doing what they want or they suggest. We make the choices to put into our bodies actual food. What are you going to do with the knowledge you are gaining? Don’t waste it, use it and make well informed choices about your health and wellness for you and your family. 

Make no excuses for your choices. Just make sure you are asking the correct questions, getting answers that benefit you and that you are comfortable with. Be educated and informed! 

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