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Ricker Family Update – June 28th

Here is the latest update about Brison and what their family is dealing with:

6/28/17 Update on Brison – After having to pay $1500 out of pocket for the doctor to review Brison’s case, MSK hospital in New York said all they had to offer was re radiation of his entire brain and spine, which we are not doing! MD Anderson said yes they could treat Brison so we had an appointment for today actually and were suppose to be in Texas. However The doctor there spoke with his oncologist here and then decided based on that, that they were not able to help him and canceled our appointment. This is in short because he is on non conventional treatment (the treatment that has extended his life a year now). We were extremely upset to hear that neither place was willing to try to help Brison. The health care system in the United States is so messed up! The rules put in place they claim are to protect people are the same rules that are making it impossible for people to get treatments they need, and why there are so many precious kids dying!

While having an emotional break down after hearing his appointment was canceled, I prayed asking God why this was happening…..

To read the whole update please visit their gofundme page!

If you feel lead, please take the time to share their story!

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