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Why Is Network Marketing Looked Down Upon?

I have been thinking lately about how many people hear networking marketing, MLM and think “Pyramid Scheme”. It is heartbreaking to me because it is a way for mom’s and dad’s to be able to supplement income to allow one parent to stay at home. Not only can it be a way for a parent to stay at home, it can become a career and a way for the whole family to be at home.

Another thing I have heard is, “Oh it is one of those things you have to buy from a rep and you can’t get at a store.” This one, in this day and age just stumps me. How often do you find yourself not having the time to actually shop for something so you jump online to amazon, eBay, or even a local store (our large local grocery store actually allows us to place an order online and someone shops for you and then delivers it to your home). 

Can you tell me why most people are against supporting other people? You walk into a brick and mortar, big box store (and I am not against big boxed stores) and support those who choose to work, those who need to work, and those who are not even in the stores but in cooperate offices. 

You want a new cell phone. You get online, you look through the selection, and you make your choice. You can either then order online and have it shipped to you, order online and ship it to a local store or even go into a local store and buy it. However you may not get the same great deal that you saw online. Then you pay outrageous fees to a company that provides you with service that is so overpriced that each quarter the corporate higher ups get bonuses. 

And you look at a network marketing company, you turn your nose up and want nothing to do with it because it just screws people and it is a pyramid scheme. What is wrong with our thinking these days? That we would rather put bonuses in the pockets of executives than in the hands of our neighbors, friends, family and maybe even someone you don’t know but who is trying to make their life better. Why are we so opposed to helping out the real people in this world who are struggling and who are willing to work and provide for their family? 

It has really been making me upset and angry the more I think about it! We want change in our country. We want things to get better and be better for people. We want people who are willing to work hard, provide for their family, and better their lives. Yet we are not willing to help them with what they choose, if it is an at home company. How can we ask so much, expect so much and then shove them down when they choose to better themselves and their family? 

We have to change our thinking. We have to stop believing that people who choose to work at home don’t know what they are doing. We have to stop believing they are going to screw you over and rip you off. Most of use who choose this for our family have done research and are not just jumping into whatever falls in front of them. 

We are choosing something we are passionate about. We are choosing something that can and does change lives. We are working not only an at home job, we are raising children, being wives or husbands, taking care of our homes and building relationships with others. Making the choice to work from home is a difficult and hard one. You have to be willing to actually work, make a schedule, prioritize, and at times even make sacrifices. 

When you choose to work at home it is something that you put a lot into in the beginning and as time goes on it becomes less. You don’t ever stop working your business but you don’t have to work as much anymore. You can make easier hours, take longer vacations and you can enjoy what you have built. It is hard, it takes dedication and it takes guts to build relationships that go alone with network marketing! 

We need to change the way we think about people who work at home. We need to stop putting them down. These are people who want to make a difference in many ways in their family and in the world. We need to be lifting them up and praising what they are doing. We need to be supporting their efforts and the energy, time and dedication they put into it. 

It is a passion. If you do not love what you do, it becomes a job. It won’t last if you are doing it at home, if there isn’t a passion. When you work at home, you are making a career out of it because it is what you love! That is what we need to make a change in this country, we need people who are passionate about what they love. 

How do you feel about work at home people? Do you support them when you can or do you put them down and shove them off?

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