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Are You Someone Who Will Fight or Someone Who Will Give Up?

In our home we are coming into a scary season. Even with all of our hard work and dedication to get things just so, we are not where we need to be. I wish I could control everything in my life but I know that instead I should be walking hand in hand with Christ. 

We have been preparing for this time in our lives for almost 6 years now. Each time we get things under control and on the upward swing, everything typically goes to pot. Prior to the past sixteen months, when things would go to pot, I would have a complete breakdown. I would lose my mind, fall deeper into depression, my body would fight against itself more and my pain levels would shoot upward and I would shut down. 

I was someone who was giving up. I saw no hope. I saw no solution. I could always find an excuse for why something would not work. I was literally giving up before I even tried. I was someone I didn’t even want to be around myself. When you don’t want to be around yourself and you can’t get away from yourself your only logical option is to sleep and withdrawal.

Here we are, not where we need to be but I am not giving up. We don’t have the time we had a year ago but we still need to somehow figure out how to make it work. I finally feel like I am a person who is going to fight for what we need. I am going to keep moving forward. I am going to keep on doing what we need to do. I am going to accomplish things for me and for my family. 

This isn’t about proving anything to anyone. This is about knowing that we are going in the correct direction and we are to going to give up. This is about knowing that we are responsible for working with Christ to make His Will for us a reality. It is the gut feeling that we are doing the right things but we need to help fight for us just a little more.

Sometimes you need to just have a good ol’ complaint session with a friend or two. You need to let it all out. You need to be able to stop holding it together for everyone and you need to stop wearing your mask. You need to tear the mask off and you need to get it out. Sometimes you need to do that so you can stop hyperfocusing on the bad things, and so you can focus on the solutions and how to move forward.  

I have really come to learn that there are different types of people. You have those who accomplish, those who talk and dream, those who complain, those who are stagnant, those who wallow, and those who suffer in silence. Do you know what all of these people have in common? No matter what where they are at they have told themselves that they, “Can Do Anything” or they, “Can Not Do Anything” and either way, they are 100% correct. 

Your mind is a very powerful tool. I know everyone had heard it before and I have heard and probably given all the excuses as to why that is a crock of poo. But it is the truth. If you really want something, there are ways to get there. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, it doesn’t mean it will be quick, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be handed to you on a silver plater but there is a way. 

We do not want to be where we are going into this season of life. We have been working towards solutions (yes we are doing many things to prevent it). I do not have complete control of the others who have added to our situation not being where it should be but I am not allowing that to stop me from going forward. 

I could complain all the time. I could allow myself to be miserable. I could make excuses. I could convince myself what is the point in trying. I could convince myself I am not able or capable. I could convince others I am not able or capable. I could let others wonder why I continue down the path of craziness. Or……

I could pick my head up and just do it. I could find a way to fight and make our life different, better, easier, and even more enjoyable. My happiness is not about what I have or where I vacation or what I don’t have or even what others have. My happiness comes from knowing I am fighting, I am doing what I am supposed to do, I am moving forward and I am able to give to others.

This season we are coming into is scary but I am not scared the way I used to be. Yes I still have down days, but I vent to those who love me and understand where I am coming from. Then I get up, put my big girl panties on and go kick bum. Each day isn’t always fun because sometimes it requires losing some sleep or not spending as much time with my kiddos as I would like to but in the end it is so I don’t have to do all of that for the rest of my life! 

So where are you at in your life? Are you someone who would fight for what they need to get done so things don’t stay the same? Or are you someone who is going to sit back and just complain and let opportunity pass you by while you give up? 

No situation is permanent unless you have told yourself it is. There is nothing in your life that can’t be changed unless that is what you have told yourself. You have the power of your life. Yes there will be situations brought on by others that you can not control but you have control over how you deal with it and what you do to change it. 

Do not be someone who shuts down and gives up hope. Once you lose hope, all your other happiness and joys are not far behind for leaving. Be a fighter. Stand up for yourself and change your situations if you are not happy with them. Drop the excuses and find a way to make whatever it is work. 

You are capable. You are able. You will do whatever you have told yourself you can or can’t do!

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