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This Is My Prayer

I have been working on my prayer life. My Wednesday morning woman’s bible study group did the book FerVent by Priscilla Shirer this past season. It really hit home with the fact I had not been praying the way I should be. 

I do pray. My typical prayer was pretty basic and it was usually when I needed something. Many times in the course of my life, God has brought about prayer to me. My usual response is go and buy books about praying for that particular point in my life, read some of it, pray some of it and then once again fall away. 

Some of the messages though stayed with me and I still use them. One of my favorite prayers came from The Power of A Praying Wife by Stormie OMartian and it went like this, “Lord, change ME!”. I can’t make someone change. I can pray for change but some times, instead of being frustrated, angry, unhappy, unmoving and ridiculous; I pray for the Lord to change me during the process. I ask that He allows me to see whoever it is through His eyes. If I am looking at them and seeing them through His eyes maybe instead of wanting to lash out irrationally, I will see them with love and acceptance. 

Change is hard, change takes time and change has to be wanted by the person themselves. I can pray for them. God can nudge them. The Holy Spirit can work in them. Still the only One who knows the exact moment it will happen, isn’t me. So I have to have faith and trust and ask for Him to also work in me at the same time He is working in the other person. 

I am still not great at prayer. The biggest thing I believe though is truly to pray. Spend time with Jesus. Build up a relationship. You may not do it perfectly. You may not do it all the time in the beginning. You may feel like you are a big mess and that you are fumbling around. Those are all okay feelings and things to do.

There are some guidelines out there for how to pray. Most of them have the same basic things: Thank Him, Repent of Sins, Ask for Whatever So That (you can bring honor to Him in some way, and Claim His Word. That is right, you actually pray the Scriptures! 

This was a completely new concept for me. I knew you should read your Bible but to use it for prayer, it took me a bit to wrap my head around it. It has been interesting for me to incorporate The Word into my words and prayers. I am still learning and weaving it in. I do not believe there is a correct way to do it, He just wants us to use Him, all of Him!

Build a relationship with Christ so you can come to know God who allows you be touched and moved by the Holy Spirit all the while soaking in His Word and growing closer to all of Him. 

This is my prayer: I pray that I build my relationship so that others see Love and Peace and Hope and Light from me with the interactions we have together. 

That is my prayer. 

What is your prayer life like? Do you want change or are you happy with it?

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