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Ricker Family Update June 4th

Each moment is a gift from God. Each child is a gift from God. We are entrusted with such a huge responsibility to care for, love, raise and each of them as He calls us to do.

This family has a GoFundMe Page that I encourage you to check it out if you have time. See what they have been through for the last year in a half. Get to know them and see where it leads you. 

Here is the latest update from Kim:

June 4th update on Brison –

We have not much to report since the last update. Dr. Burzynski agreed with his oncologist here that the brain is stable with no growth and there was just a slight progression in his spine. However his oncologist says this means his current treatment is not working and Dr. B says since this is an aggressive disease, it still means stable to high because without it, it would have progressed much more. I do believe what Dr. B has to say to be accurate. He does want to keep increasing the additional treatment that we started in March. However as we increase the dose, Brison seems to not be tolerating it as well. He continues to be nauseous, have a hard time eating and had lost about 20 pounds, making him at his lightest weight since diagnosis. His pain has however stopped since stopping the oral meds and he is back to physical and occupational therapy. Dr. Burzynski does suggest that we start him on a different oral med and immunotherapy. 

Over the last couple weeks I have been researching………

This is not a complete update. If you want to read everything she has said you will need to head on over to the family’s GoFundMe page!

If you are a prayer warrior, please add this family to your prayer list. If you are not a prayer warrior but pray, lift them up in prayer now. If you have any spare money, $1 to $100 or more, the family would be beyond grateful for the help. If you can’t do any of the above please take one minute of your time to go visit the GoFundMe page and pass it on to others in your life! The more people who see it, the more people who share it, the more chances that they will get the financial help and uplifting prayer they need and deserve!

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