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See Your Goals? Now Get Your Goals!

Anyone of us can wish we had this or were doing that. It is easy to dream and wish and want. My children have become proficient at wishing and wanting. This is something we are reallly working on with them. We are trying to each them that dreaming, wishing and wanting goes no where if you do not stop and set your goals. After you have your goals what do you do? 

For us there are a few different things we do (for the kiddos). We make a mini vision board. We create a mini list on what can be done to reach those goals. Do they need money? If so what can they do to earn money? Does it just have to be here at the house or can they look else where to earn money? If it doesn’t really need money but they need help, who can they go to and ask for help from? 

The same goes for Jack and I when it comes to our wishes, dreams and wants. We can’t just wish. We can’t just dream. We can’t just sit and want. We will never go anywhere if we just sit here oohhing and aahhing in daydreams. 

Yes, you have to have the dreams, the wants, the wish in order to propel you forward. But those have to be transformed into goals. What happens when you get to goals? Where do you go from there?  

What are you Goals? Write them down! What is your Why? Write it down! What Action will you take? Write it down! Where are you at in your Wheel of Life? Write it down! Have you done a S.W.O.T. Analysis lately? Write it down! Have you created a D.M.O.? Write it down! Have you made a Vision Board so that what you want is always in front of you? Make it and keep it in front of you! 

Do you sense a common theme there? To start. It is honestly taking what is in your head and getting it down. Keep it in front of you! Know your why and use that to push you forward. The moment you take the why out of your site, the moment you take the vision out of your site, the moment your goals escape you, you can fall into the trap of wishing and dreaming and wanting again.

Working from home, being an entrepreneur takes hard work but it is doable, you can accomplish what you set out to do! 

The question is do you really want it or do you really want to make excuses why it isn’t happening? If you have the will, if you keep your why in front of you, then you will make a way! It does take work but you can do it! 

Have you ever taken the time to do a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats (S.W.O.T.) Analysis? If you haven’t there is no time like the present time. The first time I did this for myself, I found that it all sort of overflowed. Not only were these things affecting my business life, they were affecting my personal life as well! Talk about an eye opening moment. 

Have you ever looked at your Wheel of Life? You can either find a test to take online or you can make your own assessment of where you are at. The categories I have found most use are: Career, Money, Health, Personal Target, Physical Environment, Family/Friends, Others, Fun/Social. However you can make your own areas on your wheel and assess with your own info. It is very simple to do, The ultimate goal is to see where you would like to be in each area and where are you on a scale of 1-10? You are making an assessment of how much you are giving to each area of your life, how much you would like to give and then it helps you determine where you need to give more energies and where you need to cut back.

Do you have a D.M.O (Daily Mode of Operation)? Not only do you have one but are you actually doing it? Things will not change overnight but it helps build your brand. You have to be consistent, you have to be persistent and you have to have patience. What steps are you taking each and every day for your life and for your business? If you create and write down your D.M.O. and then do nothing with it, it is just going to collect dust, just like your dreams, wishes and wants.

One of the other things I have learned with trying to help my children go from just dreaming to make their goals a reality is that your Why is the most important thing you have. Why do you want this? How are you doing it? What is it about? When you are talking to people your Why is what they want to hear about! Then they want to know your How. Of course after all is said and done, then it comes down to What is it. This knowledge has come from a few different things I have read and watched but it all steams from Start With Why by Simon Sinkek. He also has another book coming out in September that you can pre-order called Finding Your Why. I am really excited to be able to get and read Finding Your Why! 

Have turned your wishes, wants and dreams into goals? Have you been stuck with where to go? Maybe it is time to take a step back and start from the beginning. Make a schedule for your days. Stick to your DMO, keep your vision board in front of you and always start with your Why!

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