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How Does This Even Happen?

Bad things happening in this world is nothing new. I wish it was not a thing that happens but it does. I was looking at a lot of things today about the state of this world. The attack at the Ariana Grande concert, road rage that turned into a shooting, school shooting and evacuation and the list of things keeps on going.

On Twitter, Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) had a quote from Mr. Rogers. It says, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” He also tweeted a story about Mr. Rogers. It is all in one spot now and you can read that here

I never knew Mr. Rogers but I knew his show well. I still sing the song. I was at youth group the other day and we were talking about Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The kiddos had no clue who he was but all us “older” adults knew who he was, what he was about, and we had memories of him. So to read the story, it brought warm memories and I welcomed those.

There are just no words about what happened in Manchester. Children lost there lives, people are still missing,and people are still injured. Add to all of that, every person who was there, had family or friends there have all had their life affected. It doesn’t matter if the person is fine, those moments after the news spread, the not knowing, my heart fills with anxiety just thinking about it.

As a parent, I want to shelter my babies. I never want to let them go out on their own and at the same time, I want to have trust and faith that they are where they are supposed to be. That every thing they do, every interaction they have, they show others love and acceptance. The parent in me does fear though because I never want to think of them suffering, hurt, in pain or even knowing that people can be cruel and loveless. 

You just have to know that bad things do happen. That it doesn’t matter if they are playing in the yard, in a car, on a plane, in school, at church, at a concert, with me or on their own. Bad things can happen and yet you can’t focus on those “what if’s” If those are the things you focus on, you miss the little things, the best things and the things that make up life and memories. 

I will never understand how someone can make a plan to harm another person. I wasn’t meant to understand that, God didn’t place that inside of me. He did make me understand love and accepting others though and that is what I can do. I can pray for every one of those who are affected by what happened yesterday. I can pray for peace, healing, memories, and love to encapsulate each of them. 

As a parent I will always second guess letting my children do something, even if we are going as a family. We do live in a crazy world, a scary world but we also live in a wonderful and loving world. I don’t want them to see me living in a bubble out of fear and anxiety. I want my children to see me living, making memories with them, with others and enjoying the life we have. 

Don’t let what happens in this world stop you from living. Pray for those who are hurting in Manchester. There are 22 people who have lost their lives and some of those are children. As a parent my heart breaks for them but I can lift them up and I will.

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