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Find Time To Smile Daily.

It has been a crazy week. A friend I met under a year ago has a son who is in the hospital. He had an infection that required draining behind his eye. After going through all of that the family found out he had an infection that would require a 14 day stay isn’t he hospital, after he got a negative test result. Those extra days are needed for high doses of antibiotics.

There isn’t much I could do for them, other than pray. At least that is what I thought until God woke me up in the middle of the night. So when I got up the next morning, I put together a basket of goodies and took it up to the hospital for them. 

It wasn’t the greatest gift basket but it had some things for mom to try and help keep her eating healthy and on target (she started a program not long ago, so proud of her), there were some coloring books, pens, a count down container for him so when they hit the 14 days he had something to look forward to and just a few other little things. I had happened to look online just before heading up to the hospital and saw they were in need of slippers. Do you know how many places have slippers in May? I could not find any local so I did my best. It would at least hold them over until the slippers arrived!

I was so thankful I was able to do that for them. It wasn’t what I was expecting to do for them, but I have been learning that God has a reason, a purpose, an dwhen I listen to Him, I am able to help change things. It may not be what I had thought about or planned but He knows best!

This week has also been a bit miserable because I have been dealing with phone call after phone call for insurance issues. Jack David had an appointment on Monday. It took much longer than expected and didn’t have results I was hoping for. He is going to have his tonsils and adenoids removed at the end of June. What came out that was even more disturbing is that his insurance is all messed up, again. 

He just turned 6 years old last Friday. We have a private insurance on the kids but we also have chosen to use a state insurance as a secondary insurance to help with all of our copays and deductibles. For whatever reason, Jack David’s account that is here that is local never matches up with what the state has. I contact our case manager and she lets me know there isn’t anything else she can do. That when she looks at his account all of his insurance information is in there. That I need to contact the state to figure out what is wrong on their end.

That is a joke. You get transferred to this department and then that department. You explain what is going on to each person because the notes are not correct. You are told you should really be talking to your case manager or the insurance that the state put you on. None of this should be this hard. My days since Monday have involved hours of phone calls, filing a complaint with the state, to have the wrong insurance call because of the complaint because that part of the complaint was wrong, having to call the state back to find out what is going on, emailing your case worker and it just goes on and on, round and round.

I probably would have given up on all of it a while ago if the surgeon participated in this “plan” that he was placed on (it is a good thing he is my sunshine). So that isn’t true either. We have been trying to figure out why we have been getting bills for him. What it came down to was that he was placed on a plan through the state because their databases only sync with the local departments four times a year! So when our new insurance went into affect in January there was a blip. What does that mean? I don’t have a clue because the other two kiddos are just fine and not on a plan through the state but Jack’s account was messed up. So what can be done about all of his bills? Nothing, we get to pay them all. I could cry.

I was told today that his account updated with the state and now everything matched in our local office and in Lansing. So that means by June 1st it is all supposed to go back and revert to what it was supposed to be. Now to pray it does.

There is a reason, I don’t know what it is, but I know it is just another trial we are going through. I am coming to a point where I am embracing who I am in Christ. I’m not afraid to be awesome, and frustrated, and angry. Still I am embracing the good parts much more, much longer. I allow a not so great day from time to time where I let it all out, and then it is gone, so best get it out when I can. When the day is over, the bad stuff is tossed out as well. I get back up and embrace my awesomeness!

No matter what you are going through, there is always some reason to smile. It doesn’t matter what has been going on there is something. Step outside, close your eyes and listen for a bird. Sit down and cuddle with one of your animals. Take a moment and read one of your books you love. It isn’t always easy to find something to smile about when you are dealing with frustration, especially if it wasn’t brought on by yourself. They are there though, it doesn’t have to be a big thing to make you smile, but take some time to look for it. A simple smile affects your mood more than you know!

Praying your week was wonder and that you found a few moments to enjoy, smile and show the world how awesome you really are! 

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