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Team Ricker Update May 16

There has been another update on Brison Ricker.

5/16/17 update on Brison 

Over the weekend his pain continued even though we had stopped the oral meds. So yesterday per Dr. Burzynski’s suggestion we brought him in for an emergency MRI of his brain and spine. The MRI of his brain showed stable there has been no change, however the MRI of his spine showed progression. The resident doctor in the ER thought this progression is what was causing his pain, however this same doctor did not even know how to read me the MRI.  

#rickerstrong #teambrison #powerofprayer #NEGU #noonefightsalone

Please go over to their gofundme page to read the full update!

This family has faith like I haven’t seen, ever. I have had family who has been in the ICU and I assumed then, they prayed. But I don’t know. 

I pray for others. I write prayers down. One thing I don’t do often or well, praying out loud. 

This family I do believe prays out loud. I believe they pray with each other daily. 

Please, go to this families gofundme page and share their posts to get their story out there. They need help financially and if you can’t help them in that way, maybe someone you share with can help them. Small actions can make huge impacts! So please go visit, share and also please pray! 

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