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Team RickerStrong Update May 12th

I try and update when Kim updates on their gofundme account! 

This is a local family. Many who I grew up with know this family and are currently friends. I went to school with the boys dad. I do not know them on a personal level but I pray for them. They have been in my prayers for a long time now, as their family is for many others as well. 

God placed them on my heart when I first heard of them. It was well before the news channels pick them up. It was kind of crazy. A good friend ask for prayers for this family during a Bible study. I have been praying since then. 

Here is part of their latest update:

5/12/2017 Update on Brison – The day after prom Brison started on three gene targeting oral meds. These oral meds did play a part in killing the original tumor in his pons, so it is hopeful that since the cancer that is now peppered in the lining of his brain and spine are likely from the same mutation as the original tumor, that it will have the same effect and kill these spots as well! 

However, just as we worried would happen, these meds are causing horrible side effects. The pain that Brison is having from this is unbearable. He started out taking just tylenol 3 1-2 times a day and is now taking morphine every 4 hrs. and is still in pain, pain so bad that has him crying out in pain all through the day and night. So today I stopped these meds. 

I need to make sure it is these meds causing the pain, since progression and/or blood clots which he had in the past can also cause great pain. The pain is throughout both legs mostly (he cannot even move his legs without help at this point) but also some in his arms, so blood clots seem unlikely to me. If the pain does not get better over the next day, after stopping the meds, we will need to bring him to the hospital to rule out progression.

To read the full update, please head over to the Ricker Family gofundme page!

This family could use any help you can give. Hop over to their page and share the link. Hop over to their page and donate if you can and feel lead. Hop over to their page, read their journey and pray or send them good vibes. 

Anything you can do for them, is a huge help!

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