Getting Healthy

What a Week

I will be honest – this week has been exhauting. I don’t even fully understand why but it has been.

Started the Shred 10 on Monday. It has been going really good. I have zero complaints about it. I feel better. It is only ten days and I can do anything for ten days! Today is already day five! Hard to believe I am half way through it already.

Tuesday was a great day and a bit terrifying. It was our community recovery banquet. It was so wonderful to see so many people there to support such a great program. If you are not certain what it is you can read a bit about it here. This year though they wanted the people who head up the children and youth program to talk a little bit about it. It was me who ended up speaking for the youth. I have no idea what I said, was so nervous but it was good to do it.

Wednesday was the day we wrapped up our book for Bible study in the morning and Wednesday night was the 2nd to last group. Only one more week of Wednesdays for this year! We then will pick up doing Wednesdays after school is out with a small group of us. 

Thursday is a blur. It seems like I had a lot going on, I wasn’t home much. Still other than going to a Bible study on Jeremiah in the afternoon, it feels like a lost day. 

Today consisted of getting things set for CR youth group tonight! What a huge blessing. It did not go the way it was planned but overall it was so fabulous. I am reallly coming to love this. I also got a haircut today. It is a drastic cut but I love the way it turned out.

Tomorrow is our church program. Let me rephrase that – tomorrow is Bella and Jack David’s children’s program! It makes for a long day. We have to run to the store early to get a white shirt for Bella and jeans for Jack David. Then practice in the morning. Then home to get a few things done and back to church.

This is just a run down of the week. I am tried. It isn’t full of wisdom. It is just my life, it isn’t much and it isn’t all of it. Have a great night, a great weekend! See you next week!

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