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Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Positive

I have been attempting for a little bit now to be more positive. I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook with more positive things. Your mind is a really powerful thing. So when you focus on being happy, healthy and positive it is easier to be those things.

Here are some of the things I have posted:

With how things are currently going with the government, with our crazy life and with my middle son graduating – I need positive. 

I don’t recall where I heard this but it was just recent but it went something like, “I am intentionally happy and positive and care about people.” Intentionally! I am an introvert but I truly care about people. I have to take my introvert face off when I am out in public or when on the phone. I need to put my intentional extrovert care on. 

I want people to see the authentic me. So while I love people and care about people, because of my introvert side, I can look the exact opposite. So I am not changing who I am as a person, I am changing how I look to others. For me I am intentionally looking happy, positive and showing them that I truly do care about them. 

It was something that really got me thinking. I took a little time to pay attention to what I looked like while going out in public. While I was happy, I didn’t look it and that made me sad. I probably look like I am very unapproachable. Not what I want! I am very approachable and happy and fun. I have a great smile and laugh. That is what I want others to see, not my other side. Not my recouping side. 

We all have bad days and times. There is no way to avoid those things and those times. It is okay to be worn and tired. It is okay to need time to be alone and recharge. There is no reason to hide them either. Still that is not who I am 90% of the time. I want people to see the positive side of me!

So be happy, be healthy and be positive! It helps change your mindset. It helps change how others see you and how you see things of the world! 

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