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Team #RickerStrong Update

Kim put an update on their gofundme page yesterday.

5/2/2017 Update 

Preston had a follow up appt. yesterday and some blood work done. They called this morning and the news was not what we were hoping for, his number that is suppose to be 1 was up to 13. This is an indicator that there is still active tissue. They are increasing his meds but still will not rescan until August because they say the radioactive treatment can still be working. So despite to misunderstood statement the news made that Preston is tumor free, we cannot yet say that unfortunately. Please pray that the treatment is still working and that he will have a clear scan in August! He is still feeling great and acting like his normal silly self with no side effects. 

Brison has been doing well and kicking butt at physical therapy! He had an amazing time at prom last weekend. He started back on the gene targeting oral meds on Saturday and so far has been tolerating them ok. He had a severe headache in the middle of the night Sun. that lasted a couple hours and he vomited once yesterday but we can’t say if either of these things were the meds or not. We are getting blood work done weekly to closely monitor to make sure these are not causing any issues with organ function. The last time we started these they caused fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and severe leg pain. However these meds contributed to the tumor in Brison’s pons being eliminated so the hope is that they will help eliminate the leptomenigeal spread to the lining of his brain and spine as well. Please pray that he is able to take these meds with no side effects and that they work synergistically with his other treatment to kill all the cancer cells left in his body! Pray that he is able to continue to get stronger, that his balance continues to improve and that he will be able to walk soon on his own! Also, as you can see in the pics his eye is opening more and more. This is great, however causes some double vision. We have a referral in to see a neuro opthamologist so we are also praying that he will be able to help with this. 
There are so many things to be thankful for, yet so many things we still need your continued prayers for! Your prayers and support have with no doubt, helped get us all the good we have received so far. We thank you all for continuing to follow and support us on this long and very difficult journey!

If you want to see some of the photos from Brison’s prom and his date be sure to head over to their gofundme page! Talk about an amazing gift for this family. This was not supposed to be something they got to experience as a family! Talk about an amazing miracle! God is so good and He does still work miracles!

If you are able to share their story and gofundme page it would be awesome. Able to spare some prayers or good vibes for healing and health please do. If you have been blessed and able to help fund any of the treatment and bills they have that would be fabulous as well! 

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