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FerVent Prayer Strategy Ten

Each week from September to May I attend a Bible study at my church. It is a woman’s bible study and I enjoy everything about it! I have had the privlege of learning from each of these ladies and become friends with so many of them. It has been such a perfect place for me to have growth with other Christian woman.

The current book is called FerVent by Priscilla Shirer. We are almost to the end of the book. I can say for certain this will be a book I use again and again! She has an amazing way of writing as if she is right there talking to you! Not only that, but I do believe prayer is needed in our lives. And now I don’t just believe prayer is needed but FerVent prayer is needed! Below you will find the summary of strategy 10 from the book.

Hello Ladies,
We talked about Strategy 10 this past week, Your Relationships.

I have a hard time with this chapter. Not because it doesn’t make sense or the concept of prayer for it doesn’t make sense, but because of my family and friends.

I live with friendly fire on a regular basis. I have a lot of people in my life who practice a different religion than I do. I have come to believe a much different view. That having a religion is much different than being a Christian.

I was driving to church and some of the things that have been said in my life smacked me upside the head. I was not on earth when Christ was. I am not one of those who God spoke to and spoke through to create the Bible. I am not one of the people God chose to pick the books of the Bible. I am not one of those people that God picked to be a pastor or Father or preacher. I am one of the people God picked to love.

If I am telling others there is only one real Bible. If I am telling others there is only one real religion. If I am telling others who to live their religious life. I have placed myself in the position of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! That is not who I am and it is not who I will ever be.

I was not placed here to judge what other Christians do. I was placed here to love others where they are. I was placed here to be Jesus with skin on. I was seriously hit over the head with, “Those things are judging others”. Telling someone your way is the only way, judgment. I have not done that, in a long time, but long ago I did. Why He brought it to my head I didn’t get, until listening to others.

We serve a truly amazing God. Why isn’t it possible that He has chosen to have all these different types of religion to reach each person the way they need to be reached?

Our job is to love others in our lives and to show them His light. Our job is to pray for others in our lives and to show them His light. Our job is not to judge others in our lives because that is friendly fire.

Can you imagine if we really were all united. All of the churches, religions, Christians truly praying for His will to be done! Could you imagine the peace that would be had in each city and state with all of that unity?

It is time we step away from the devil and the things he wants to use us for. It is time we step away from the gossip, the jealousy, the bitterness, the arrogance and the self-ambition. It is time for us to focus on those things and see them for what they are, a relationship breaker and the devil worming his way into our lives. 

It is time for us to dig in and get into FerVent prayer each time the devil tries to wiggle his way in to our relationships and the church. It is time for us to escort him out of the building and out of our lives because he is no longer welcome.

Our relationships with those in our lives is vital. Our relationships show others what our insides are about. Are we letting our lives be run by Christ and are we trying to follow Him or are we consumed with the bad things satan has for us.

Next week we will talk about Amen (great read if you haven’t read it yet) and we get to hear Susan talk about the armor of God!

Blessings to each of you!

If you read the Bible there is no mention of religions in it. It talks about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, love, giving, helping, salvation, redemption, and being ready for Jesus to come again. So how anyone can say with such certainty that they know the religion they follow is the right one, the only one and the one Christ wants you to follow bothers me. 

So what do I do about that? I pray about it. It isn’t for me to judge others who feel that way. It isn’t for me to be stating those things either.

I love Each and every one of you! I do not care if you are purple, green, white, brown, pink, yellow or grey. I do not care if you are straight, gay, transsexual, bisexual, atheists, Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian. I was put here to love you. I was put here to help you. I was put here to pray for you. 

Where do you stand? Do you have issue with anything like this? 

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