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Update on #RickerStrong

There have been a couple of updates but this is part of the latest one! There are no words that can express how wonderful this update is.

4/17/2017 Update
Brison’s MRI “Partial Results” were received on Saturday! All Glory to God for the amazing news we received! Below is an email between Brison’s oncologist and myself.

From Dr. Dicken’s -“There is no final report in the system. I looked at the MRI last night and there were no post contrast images loaded into the system so I cannot compare what I was worried about last time to what is available. What I can say is that his pons looks near normal and there no obvious masses elsewhere. The contrast helps elucidate the smaller lesions and that is what is not available. If he is doing the same or better neurologically I would be surprised if the final results will be bad news. Sorry for the delay in final results but there is no one around over the holiday weekend to figure out where the rest of the images are. I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.”

My Response – Thank You so much for getting us the information that you have! So when you say his pons looks near normal does this mean that original tumor is almost gone?

He is doing better neurologically! He is better than he has been since this time last year!

Dr. Dickens – “That is a big yes on the pons question. Happy to hear he is doing better. Hope to get the final answer to you on Monday. For now tell him I anticipate giving him news that will lead to him flashing one of those classic Brison smiles.”

Today we received the results from the remaining scans with contrast that show the small lesions in the lining of the brain and spine and they show stable, no growth, but no noticeable improvements either. They are not big enough to cause any symptoms. We were hoping they were gone but in the world of DIPG, stable is good! Dr. Burzynski will read them Wed. and let us know if any changes in treatment need to be made. Scans were at only 5 weeks on additional treatment so we remain optimistic! Please pray these lesions disappear and and that by his next scans we hear nothing but NED (No Evidence of Disease). Brison has a long road of treatment to go, even when he does get clear scans, he needs to remain on this treatment for many months to assure it does not return. For now we are praising Jesus and celebrating our great news! He is feeling great physically and emotionally is filled with happiness and confidence that he will beat this!

This is not the whole update so be sure to go see the rest of it on their gofundme page! It is a great update!

Also this family has a huge financial burden they are currently bearing. If you are able to help financially it would be amazing. If you are able to help by passing their gofundme page on to others it would be awesome. If you are able to help by praying that would be fabulous!

This is a local family to me. They are not far from where I live. As a mother who has not had to live through something like this, I have no idea what I would do if it was me. I am sure when the doors were closed and the children were sleeping, I would break down and have it out with God, even though He isn’t to blame.

If you have the ability to help in any of the ways please do! You can visit their gofundme page here!


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