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Essential Oil Education

When you make the choice to transform your home from toxic chemicals to non-toxic chemicals there is a bit of responsibility that goes with that. You have to be willing to educate yourself about what you are going to be using. You are going to find a lot of differing opinions and views. You have to be willing to take the time to weed through and understand the difference.

In our posts Three Aromatherapy Schools and Knowledge Is Power we talk about some of the differences. Basically anything you want to know you are going to find. Type into a search engine, “Are Essential Oils Safe To Take Internally?” And then type into a search engine, “Are Essential Oils Dangerous To Take Internally?” Now tell me what you found with each search. You are looking for an answer and you are going to end up finding what you are searching for. When you do safe you are going to find things that explain why it is safe. When you put in dangerous you are going to find things that support it being dangerous. You will always find what you are searching for, that is how search engines are programmed to work.

When I first started with essential oils I was trying to educate myself with online things. It didn’t work very well because of the fact that it was always geared to my question and the way I asked it. I would always find answers for the pro’s and the con’s. Plus most of the writing here in the states comes from the Britain school of training ( read Three Aromatherapy Schools to understand). So I turned to books.

I got onto Amazon and started to order the books that were recommended by others who were using the same brand of essential oil I was. I found that since so many before me were using these books they had to be good. Once the books were here in the house and I started to read and use them, I realized how important it was to have books that were written for the brand of essential oils you use and also by those who use them.

 So now that we know that education is so important, I am going to share with you the books that I either have in this house already (or a version of it) or that I have on my wish list. These are not listed in any specific order either.

  1. Essential Oils pocket reference by Life Science I do have an older version of this book. I keep this one in my car to have on hand when I need a quick reference.
  2. Essential Oils desk reference by Life Science I do not have this one in the house yet but it is high on my wish list. I can not wait to get this one in my
  3. Essential Oils desk reference Convention Edition by Life Science I do not have this one in my house yet and it is high on my wish list as well!
  4. Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern I do have this book in my house and am very thankful that I do! This is a must if you are pregnant or have children.
  5. Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley They have a lot of versions out. I have two of their older ones. I would never be without this guide to be able to reference! This is a must have if you are going to use essential oils. They list all of them as singles, blends, plus they have a section that you can look up by problems Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern. ThinkOneChange.cominstead of looking up oils instead. By far the best book I have as a guide.
  6. Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley Same exact sentiments as #5!
  7. The Primary Usage Guide by Connie and Alan Higley This is a smaller pamphlet that is great to be able to keep in your car
    or diaper bag.
  8. The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart This bookReference Guide for Essential Oils. was amazing. Helped me understand things about essential oils I didn’t realize I was thinking incorrectly about. It really was an easy read, even though it is a big book. If you want to understand the how and whys of essential oils this is a must read.
  9. Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart If you believe in Christ and the Bible this is a great book to get. Opens your Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils. ThinkOneChange.comeyes to so much and it is just amazing. I highly recommend this book.
  10. Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift CD & Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift Study Companion Goes along with #9 in many ways but if you are going to get this be sure to get the CD and the Study Companion because it doesn’t make much sense without them both.
  11. Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions by DavidThe Primary Usage Guide Stewart I do not have this book yet but it is on my wish list and it will be in my home before the year is over!The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. Healing OIls of the Bible.




Healing: God's Forgotten Gift.  ThinkOneChange.comAntimicrobial Essential Oils Champions.




I know that I put a lot of options up for where to start your education. While I didn’t list the books in any particular order I would highly recommend starting with the Connie and Alan Higley books. They are personally the ones I use the most often and the ones I enjoy learning from the most.

Do you have a favorite book you have used for your essential oil education? I would love to hear what ones you have used that you have both enjoyed and would not recommend to anyone. It is always good to have more options to pick from than the ones I already have and have on my wish list!


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