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God Has Blessed Us

Do you know that God loves to bless His children? He uses so many things to bless us with. Today has been this huge blessing for our family! I have been praying about a lot of things. I have not been praying the way I was before spring break got here, but I have still been doing some prayers.

When you look at your life, where do you see your blessings? For me, they were not always as obvious as they should have been. I was looking for big things! Things that screamed blessing to me. Things like: an unexpected check from insurance, or a friend who knew I was having an awful day stopping over with a coffee – they were physical things.

Now when I am looking for blessings I look at my life much differently. It is as though He has flipped a switch in my mind, or maybe because I am getting closer to Him it opened my mind up to what He has been trying to show me. I am not looking at only things that come to me in the physical form, but those do count as well.

Today my daughter had a birthday party to go to. We had our whole day planned out. We had time for the three of us to go pick out a present, time to eat, time to play, time to enjoy each other’s company and time to just be. 

Now lets back up to the weekend. My favorite daughter has been going through a phase where she isn’t into taking anything. Actually she isn’t into eating, unless it is yogurt or sherbet or ice cream. Since she was sick, her throat has been bothering her and so it has been a fight to even get her fruit, veggie and berry chews down her. Over the past few days she has had her seasonal head crud creep into her body. 

Drawing Bella Did At Lunch On Wednesday

She has been pretty miserable. Two days in a row every time I looked at her, I had to tell her to blow her nose because it was just running away from her. She isn’t a fan of blowing her nose either, so we were butting heads a bit. I didn’t want to listen to her sniffling, she didn’t want to blow it out, and when you get there, mom is the trump card. 

Monday during the day was a battle and by noon her eyes were purple and watering so bad she looked like she was crying all the time. We got to Monday night and I gave her some options. Sit with a tissue under your nose non stop. Blow your nose and I mean actually blow it. Or take one full dose of your chews tonight and we take a double dose of your chews (broken up 4 times to help with the chewing issue) to help your body heal.

We got to her taking her third set of chews on Tuesday and there was no more drip. We made it to this morning and her purple ring around the eyes and the watering was all gone. It was amazing to watch her body heal. The best part was, she could see it! She could tell what it was doing for her because she had been so miserable.

Today, we got to have our whole day. We were able to go shopping for the present. We were able to enjoy some meals together. We were able to go and play at the mall together. We watched a movie together. She even helped me cook today. 

Not only did we have a great day together it was the day of an awesome announcement. Last month our team played a friendly DMO game. Jack and I decided to join in. We needed a bit of a boost to get back on track after our month of February. It was the perfect time to jump in. We however were not on the winning team, but we were given kudos for being the individual with the highest monthly points. Which was awesome! Then to top it off, we got an unexpected, greatly appreciated bonus for that! Then add that our checks for the company posted today and it is the best month we have had so far. Talk about a super exciting day. 

Talk about a fabulous day. I got to see my kiddos have a fabulous day today between a birthday party, time with mom, playing at the mall, and just hanging out. Jack and I got to see that we are one step closer to accomplishing our goals with this company that we have joined that IS changing our future. I got to watch April the Giraffe (okay lets be honest, that is a daily thing, still). 

God has truly blessed this family. He has opened my eyes, my mind and my ears. I look at my children and hear them giggle and know how blessed we are. I open my front door and feel the cold air on my face and know how truly blessed we are. I sit in my chair and work while watching April the Giraffe and know how truly blessed we are. A bonus check comes in the mail because we are working a business to change this families life and know how truly blessed we are. 

God has blessed us. He blesses us many times daily! We have a story to share. You have a story to share!  

What has He blessed you with today? I would love to hear about the blessings He has been giving to your family! Share your story! The world needs to hear it!

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