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Keeping Your Schedule When School Is Out

I decided to use our spring break to try a few different things for our summer schedule. So far nothing seems to be working. For whatever reason my kiddos seem to think they can do what they want. They can say no as often as they want. They don’t have to do their chores. They can sit on tablets or in front of the TV all day. They have another thing coming.

So far we have all been off our schedule and I do not want that for our summer. We need to be able to be consistent. We need to have specific times laid out for what we are doing. Even if each day varies, we need to know what we are doing on which day of the week.

Being a work from home parent and a stay at home parent, there are certain things that need to be accomplished daily. So far this spring break has shown me that we will not be able to accomplish it if we continue on our current method of winging it! Last summer wasn’t as much working as letting it go. Which is fine but we are trying to get further in life, which requires a little more work this summer.  

Tomorrow is a new day. I got this amazing planner about a week ago (post coming on how amazing it is) and it is time to put it into play. We are going to sit down and work on our hourly schedule as a family. I will be making mine based upon what I was doing prior to this vacation time. Then we will sit and work on the kids based upon what I am doing. 

Currently my days are not filled with anything constructive. I have not been doing my Bible study time. I have not been doing my reading. I have not been doing my typical reaching out for business. I have not been doing my chores. I have not been cooking as much as I was. I have not been playing my music during the day. 

I am off. I am not my happy self. My bright aura is missing and dull. I need to get back on track because I feel like I am losing what I had set in place over the past few months. Even when I went through all the surgeries, I still did my best to keep the schedule I had going. Then as soon as I was better, I was right back to it. So to be feeling so off and not have anything wrong other than children being home, frustration!

I am hoping that with us sitting down together, things will get better. It is really hard to sit and do this lack of everything. I am more exhausted dealing with the lack of stuff to do than I am when I have a full day. Don’t get me wrong, I am exhausted when I climb into bed at the end of each day. Yet when I am accomplishing things with my day, other than dealing with two children who just want their way, it is a different feeling. 

I realize how much of an introvert I am when I deal with them all day, every day. Being a mom is a huge blessing. There are times when it is hard but I would not trade it for anything. And yet, I still need my me time I am finding. I am not getting my me time, I am finding. When I look at last summer and how I was getting my me time, it was my Bible study time. They would do their reading and I would do mine. Even if we were in the same room, they were quiet and I made it through the days much better. 

Another huge thing I am seeing is that I am not going to prayer like I have been doing. I am just so frustrated, so short tempered and so irritated. Instead of me stopping, praying and deep breathing then dealing with things, I am just flying off the handle. At things I would not normally be upset over. I am seeing how being off schedule for even just a little bit of time, is not my friend.

So how am I going to stay on track? How are we going to start our school free time with a schedule? 

We are going to do like we talked about above. We are going to have a schedule. We are going to sit down a good week before school gets out for the summer and come up with our schedule. We are going to work together because when you involve your children (or spouse) you are going to have a much easier time getting them to stick to it. You are not dictating what will be done, because you came up with the plan together. 

There may be times when it is hard to keep our schedule due to weather. There may be times when it is hard to keep our schedule because we decide to throw caution to the wind and do something extra special. Yet we will have this schedule. We will talk about what the day looks like each morning before we begin. We will talk about what the next night looks like each night before we go to bed. 

Another huge key to keeping on schedule is going to be bed time and wake up time! Yes I will probably extend it a couple hours verse their school schedule because of when Jack gets home from work. It will give us some time as a family to be able to eat dinner, go for a walk and have some family time. At the same time, my youngest two children are very much so like me. They need their sleep! If they do not get the correct amount of sleep (because they always wake up at the same time every morning), everyone who is around them (this includes themselves) is miserable! 

So how are we going to keep our schedule when there is no school. We are going to create a schedule together. We are going to talk about it twice a day (and maybe more). We are going to have plenty of fun times mixed in with work times. We are going to work as a family to make this work. 

How do you keep your life on schedule and sane when you have vacations from school? It isn’t always an easy thing to do but I would love to hear how your family does it!

I’m sorry if this post seems off and fragmented.  If you come across this post, please pray. Tonight I am struggling to focus on this post. A friend I went to high school with, her 5 month pregnant daughter is missing. She dropped her off on Friday the 31st of March to eat and be with her boyfriend. She heard from her that she was heading home soon and hasn’t heard from her or her boyfriend since. Their phones have been off since she tried reaching them Saturday morning. A couple people reached out letting them know they saw her and her boyfriend in an altercation about 5:30 at the transit station. There was an OB appointment to find out the sex of the baby today and neither of them showed up. She has been known to take off before when angry but she was okay. She was so excited for this appointment, so even if she had taken off, she would have made this appointment. I am in tears for this family. I am praying she is fine. I am praying that she just got angry about something and took off. Still as a mother who has had to sit and wonder, I know her heart is breaking. Now as a mother, I know the pain and heartache I put my parents through and for that I am sorry. My prayers are with this family as they try and find some answers. 

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