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Let Us Help Change Your Life

Change is not easy. When you decide it is time to change your life you usually have motivationJust Give Us Four Months! and determination. Then as you get going and things are not going as you thought they should, you get overwhelmed and give up. Change is not easy.

Change is something that you should give time to. This is when you should work on thinking about one change at a time. When you focus on trying to change to many things at once, failure is bound to happen. When I used to try to do it all and make everything stick at once, it would all come crashing down around me and I would give up because nothing was working! I know a lot of people like this. Change is something that you should give time to.

Change is something I have learned that in order for something to stick, I have to work on one thing at a time. Once it has become a habit and I am doing it without really thinking about it, then I know I can move on to the next thing.

We want to help you. We are looking for people who are smart, who are motivated, who are looking to change their life! Are you someone who is looking to change your health? We can help you with it. We WANT to help you with it! Are you someone who is looking to change your health and your financial health? We can help you with it. We WANT to help you with it!

It doesn’t matter what kind of change you are doing in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are changing your health and starting a nutritional product like we did over a year ago. It doesn’t matter if you are changing you financial life and starting a virtual franchise like we did over a year ago. It doesn’t matter if you have determined you want to rid your home of toxic chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you have decided the change is how you treat and talk to your family!

Change takes time. Change is not easy. Let us help you with your health and wellness changes. Let us help you with your health and financial changes. I won’t lie to you and say, 5 minutes a day and your life is going to change! You need to be willing to put effort and energy into it.

How Secure Is Your JobWhen you look at the world and see what is going on in this world what do you see? Here in our town I have been watching store after store closing. We are not talking about small hometown stores, we are talking large department stores. Kmart closed! McSports is closing. JcPenny is closing. Sears is closing. That is a lot of jobs that are going to be lost. This town has even lost factories, and they were not small. When GM closed down here you had the option of retiring, early retirement package, going to another plant (because not everyone was eligible for an early retirement package) or quit and give up all your benefits you had worked so hard for.

Then I look at companies that are not closing. I know of three people who drive trucks for a living. Two of these are local drivers, so they stay in town. The other one is an state to state driver. All three of them in the past 7 years have taken pay cuts, benefit cuts, and lost part of their pensions. I look at another company I know that sells kitchen and bath items. I personally know one of the employees there and she has been there for almost 20 years now. In the past 5 years they have required all of their employees to take pay cuts, benefit packages have been cut and rates raised and jobs cut.

Where is the security in any of that?

Now let’s take a moment and look at work at home companies. How many of them require you to carry inventory? How many require you start each month over to build up your PVC, and don’t allow you to maintain your level? How many require you get up to a certain point before you can maintain that level but will still make you go backwards if you lose customers, distributors and PVC? How many hoops do you have to jump through to make it work daily?

No matter what you are working at, job, weight loss, getting healthy, owning your own life or making your life your own – it does take work and effort. Still if you are working so hard for someone else and those things you are working for can be taken away so easily, maybe you are working for the wrong company and wrong person.

Let us help you make a change. Let us help you change your health & wellness. Let us help change your health and your financial life.

Are you looking to gain control in your life? We would love to be able to talk to you! We would love to help you. We would love to see if this is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Over a year ago our lives changed. Over a year ago we made a huge choice to take control and to own our life. It has been work. It has taken effort but we have never been happier that we made the choice. We have been changing our health and wellness and people see it. People ask what we are doing! We have been changing our financial health and even though no one can see it, we know it and we know that each bit of effort we put into the company, isn’t going to be taken away from us.

Does it all get frustrating at times? You bet! When I am having a unhealthy day I feel it all day and then the next couple of days. Then if I am reaching out to people and I am hearing no thank you or worse yet if I am hearing silence, it can get frustrating. Yet each month when the pay comes in I recall that in any MLM you put in a ton of energy and effort in the beginning for little return and end up putting in much less energy and effort later on for a huge return.

One of my favorite parts of all of it is when we go to the mailbox and pull out a BONUS check! So far in the past twelve months, we have gotten three and we are currently headed for a fourth!

Are you looking for change? We may be just what you need to help it become your reality.

Own Your Life
Own Your Health

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