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DIY Essential Oil Perfume

One of the ways that my Bella and I like to use our essential oils daily is with our DIY perfume. I personally have never been a very floral oriented person. Even when I was younger and did purchase (toxic) perfumes from the stores I didn’t go with florals. I always looked for the vanilla scents (does Victoria Secrets still make their vanilla perfume?). 

I still am not a floral person and I avoid walking through malls and department stores as much as I can. Smelling all of the perfumes and scents that are floating around in there, instant headache. I am sure I am not alone when it comes to that problem. There is no way to know what toxic chemicals you are actually breathing in. When you rid your home of your body of toxic things as much as possible, you start to react to those things much faster.

So Bella and I now make our own non-toxic, essential oil perfumes. She can make hers as florally as she wants and guess what? Even though I am still not 100 perfect a fan, it doesn’t give me an instant headache. It doesn’t make me want to through it out the window. It doesn’t make me freak out and tell them to get rid of it. She is quiet pleased with making her own perfumes, naming her own perfumes and using her own perfumes. 

I am sure when you think of making your own perfume you probably think how in the world do you know what to do, what to use, how much, is there a trick, tip or do I just wing it? In the beginning we just winged it. I do not suggest that you do that, unless you are an aromatherapy scent expert and you have a pretty good idea what would smell good together and why it would smell good together. 

We have a lot of extra bottles in our home. We have talked about one of our favorite things to do with them in the past (scented Epsom salts for the bath). This is now ranking up there, if not surpassing our joy of making bath salts! We use our empty 5 ml bottles to make the essential oil perfumes. 

Now back to what makes a good perfume if you are going to make them yourself. Essential oils all have notes; also known as scent characteristics. There are top, middle and base notes. Basic explanation goes like this: first you will smell the quick-evaporating top notes, then the heart of the perfume, which are the middle notes and finally you will smell the base notes which complement the top and middle notes.

Here is a more detailed description of the different notes: 

  • Top Notes: Essential oils that are classified as top notes normally evaporate very fast and typically have anti-viral properties. They tend to be light, fresh and uplifting in nature and are usually inexpensive. Top notes are highly volatile, fast acting, and give the first impression of the blend. However, they are not very long lasting.
  • Middle Notes: The bulk of essential oils are considered middle notes and normally give body to the blend and have a balancing effect. The aroma of middle notes are not always immediately evident and may take a couple of minutes to establish their scent. They are normally warm and soft fragrances.
  • Base Notes: Essential oils that are classified as base notes are normally very heavy and their fragrance is very solid. It will be present for a long time and slows down the evaporation of the other oils. These fragrances are normally intense and heady. They are normally rich and relaxing in nature and are typically the most expensive of all oils.

So now that you have a general idea of what each essential oil does when it comes to a DIY perfume let’s talk about what you will actually need. There isn’t a lot really. I suggest making sure you have a selection of each kind of essential oil. I also suggest if you haven’t smelled them before, take some time and get to know them and their scent. I know that when you mix them it changes how they smell. Plus when you add them to your body it changes it as well, however if you are putting a custom scent on yourself, you want to like all of the smells.

You also are going to need a 5 ml empty essential oil bottle. You are going to want a carrier oil (any would work but I would pick one that you like, are not allergic to and that is not heavy). If you want to be able to roll it on easily then a roller cover and cap would be ideal. Then you can shake, open and put on your wrists, neck, behind the ears and any place else you would like your custom perfume smell to be. You are also going to want labels and some clear tape. That way you can name your perfume, put it on your bottle and prevent it from smearing off or falling off. After you have put the label on your bottle put the tape over and around the label! We used to do that for the old labels but thankfully don’t need to do that anymore. However if you are struggling for a visual you can head over here to see what we are talking about!

Now this is not a complete list of the top, middle and base notes but it is some of mine and Bella’s favorite to mix and make our own perfumes. If you do not see anything on there you think you would like, if you do a little research there are a lot of lists out there. We have not made any new perfumes in a while now. Bella goes crazy when we pull everything out do make these. She usually makes enough to last a couple months. We are about to the point where we will be making new ones!

Have you taken the time to make your own perfumes with essential oils? What are some of your favorite combinations? Did it smell how you had hoped or do you need to do a little tweaking to it still? Would love to hear from you!

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