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Don’t Live In Fear

We are still working our way through the book FerVent by Priscilla Shirer. We tackled Strategy Six yesterday. When you allow God to work in your life, and you listen to Him, you really see where you are struggling. It isn’t because He is condemning you, it is because He is helping correct and guide.

Hello Ladies,

What a wonderful discussion yesterday about our fears. We finished up Strategy 6 in FerVent, Your Fears.

I hope that all of us walked away with some sort of confirmation, some sort of assurance, some sort of strategy on what your fears are doing to you, for you, and mainly that God is always there ready and willing to fight the devil with us! I loved what was said, “Don’t tell God how big your mountain is, tell your mountain how big your God is!”

Last night as I was laying in bed all I could hear was, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” from FDR’s speech. So I decided to look up the whole line he speaks, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” FDR believed in God. As a matter of fact he talks about Him in his speech many times.

If we focus on our fears, we are worrying, we have anxiety, we go backwards instead of forward. If we start to have a fear over anything, we should be going to prayer because if you have time to worry and fear, you are not taking time to pray. When we take time to pray, we draw near to God, we are developing our relationship with Him, we are able to hear Him, feel Him, understand Him and we know that He would not want us to be fearful.

He is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow. We change, His word never changes. We change, His love never changes. We change, we move, we are the one who are crippled and we have no reason to be. No matter what the devil throws at us, no matter what he sends to visit us, no matter what the devil orchestras in your life and around you ~ We have the most amazing Winner on our side.

Remember our battle has already been won. We are going to have struggles here. We are going to have victories here. We are going to have tears, laughter, joys and heartaches. With all of this being known, we do not need to focus on our past or on our future because our battle has already been won. We need to focus on today, right where God is with us, here, today.

There are many things in my life that I have had some fear about, that I have either not done because of fear (at the time I would not have said it was fear holding me back) or it has taken me much longer to do. Let me tell you about what God smacked me over the head with this past week:

About a year ago we started praying as a congregation for a lady whose name is Amy Starr. I felt a crazy urge to reach out to her, to send her a card, offer my help, anything to let her know she was loved and cared about. I finally reached out to Beth for her address on 3/21/16. Crazy thing, her children go to the same school as Bella and she lives right down the road from me. Fast forward to 3/19/17 and we are sitting in church watch a video with Amy and my heart sank. I have 15 cards in my house that I have never sent to her. Better yet, March 11th while at Bella’s soccer tournament a woman came up to me who has a daughter on Bella’s team this year (started in August) and says to me, “You go to New Community right? So do we!” Guess who this person is? Yup – Amy Starr! God put me in a position to reach out to her, to help her, to pray for her, to let her know whatever and I never did. She has been physically in my life since August of last year, and I had zero clue.

What are you missing out on because you are afraid? What fears are holding you back in life?

That reality above is just one of the many things in the past few years that have happened. I never thought so much of my life was lived in fear. I have been a worrier and I have done a great job tackling that, I thought. Reading this chapter though I realized how much I have missed out on. How much I have pushed off until He is hitting me on the head saying, “Why? Just do it Amy. I have you, I am here with you and I would never ask you to do something that would harm you!”

God is leading each of us to some pretty amazing things, so that His glory can shine for the rest of the world!

Don’t miss out on shining for Him! Don’t miss out on your reward when He is directing you to do something. Don’t miss out on what He wants to do with you in this life! He is a pretty awesome partner to have on this adventure in life!

Blessings to each of you! Next week we are reading Strategy 7, Your Purity. I can’t wait to have another amazing discussion with you ladies!


Do Not FearIt is so easy to live in fear and not realize is. There are many things I can look at and know that it was fear based. Things like this blog, the capsules, the oils, some writing I am supposed to be doing, and those are just the tip of my fear iceberg.

Want to know the best thing about my visual being an iceberg? Ice is something you can melt. If you know anything about icebergs you understand that the largest portion of it is actually under the water. I feel as if I have been living in fear, under the water at the largest part of my iceberg. Things are changing though and I am now on top of that berg and I am there with Christ and my hairdryer, melting it all away.

Did you know that a form of do not fear is in the Bible 365 times? So things like: fear not, do not fear, do not worry, and do not be anxious. It is pretty amazing and must me a lot for us to be able to read a verse every day of the year that is telling us not to fear.

Are you living in fear? Maybe you didn’t realize what has been crippling you has actually been fear! Step out of your comfort zone, step into His comfort zone and be an amazing light that is shining for Him! img_0049-2


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