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Just Give Us Four Months!

Just Give Me Four Months!In February Jack lost hours at work because of the surgeries I had to have. Two of them were planned surgeries but the one in the middle was not planned and resulted in a lot of extra time being taken off. Here is the best thing of all, the income we got from this company helped supplement all but about $50 that was lost.

How amazing is that? How amazing is God that He placed this in our lives?

Even though both of us pretty much took the whole month of February off from truly working our business. Even though Jack had to take unexpected and unpaid time off from his regular day job. We still got had money put into our bank account from this company.

So this is what we are doing this month. We decided to participate in a DMO game with our team from this company (Daily Mode of Operation). We decided that since we felt like we lost all of our ground in February and lost touch with so many, we needed to kick it into gear. That is exactly what we have been doing. Truly when you are pushing yourself and changing what you are doing, you see where you are lacking and where you need to step out of your comfort zone.

That being said here we are starting week three and it hit me hard today what a blessing we have. We have transformed our lives. We want to help transform yours!

We are looking for Ten People who want to change their health!
We are looking for Ten People who want to change their health and financial life!

I Want To Inspire PeopleFor the last year I have been kicking myself for how long it took us to get going with this company. For the last year I have been hem hawing over really getting going. I have talked about it with others (because it just comes natural when something changes your life). I have written about it. Still we just didn’t pursue it the way we should have. That is changing.

We are looking for you and your family. We are looking for those who have tried everything and haven’t seen the change in their health they are hoping for. We are looking for stay at home parents, single parents, college students, teachers, doctors, nurses, anyone who wants to change their financial life and also their time. We are looking for you!

We want to help you become healthy. We want to help you improve your life. For years I looked for answers and never found them. There were a lot of moments I just wanted to give up and give in, but I didn’t. I just could not do it. I have children and a husband and I didn’t want to let them see me throw in the towel.

Thankfully there was someone who dripped on me and dripped on me and I finally gave it a chance. We want you to reach out. Ask us questions, let us help you! Just give us four months to help change your health! That isn’t a long time. In four months you are going to feel a difference. Every four months you are using it you are going to see a change.

It has changed our lives. Now we want to help you change yours.

Why Do I Need Four Months

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