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Happy One Year Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary!We made our choice over a year ago to add the daily fruit, veggies and berries. Today however marks the year mark of when we actually started to take it. One year ago we woke up, took the capsules and chews for the first time and haven’t looked back.

This daily activity has changed our lives in ways we can’t even explain. I look back and I truly can’t believe a year has passed since we started this. How is it possible a year has passed? I really don’t know where the past year has gone.

So many things have changed for us. My skin on my face isn’t in pain, red, swollen or full of pustules. The swelling in my joints have reduced (I can get my wedding rings on and off my finger!). My favorite husband isn’t on allergy medications anymore. My favorite daughter has started to eat healthier and we have eliminated her allergy meds. My favorite youngest son has eaten GREEN foods out of 12 Months On Fruit, Veggy and Berry Capsulesthe garden and LOVED it! He hasn’t needed his lactulose, his iron levels have risen to just about normal levels (1 point away) and he asks to take them daily.

My favorite thing over the last year has been the reduction in illness time and the reduction of symptoms when we do have an illness. It has been amazing to see such a difference, in all of us. When the flu was going around, we all got some form of it, but it was short lived and so nice. When the flu came around again, we missed it. Colds have been missed or quickly gone.

This is so different than what my life and my families life had been prior to that. We would get into September and we were pretty much sick until April and then allergies kicked in. We were a miserable and avoided household! It wasn’t much fun.

Here we are now, one year in! We still have room for improvement. We still have a ways to go for health. It has been one of the best things that has happened to this family. Who would have thought that flooding the body with fruits, veggies and berries would make such a difference in this household?!

I wish I could convey well enough what this has done for us. I wish I could convince each of you what these capsules could do for you and your family. I wish I would have started them a long time ago (took me eight years to jump on board). But wishing gets you nowhere, just have to accept I have been blessed enough to have had it for the past twelve months now!

Time has truly flown by for us. Not only has it changed our health, it has changed our financial health. It isn’t anything I really ever expected to happen. I am an introvert. I am not an outgoing person who can reach out to strangers in a line and tell them about how amazing this stuff is.

Tower Garden GrowthI had done every kind of home based business out there and I was not looking forward to doing another. I signed up with Jack because he wanted the money back each month. We were already getting a discount with our essential oils, he just saw it as a wise choice to get money back from this. He of course, was correct!

Another part of this great company that does the fruit, veggie and berry capsules & chews is the indoor/outdoor vertical aeroponic growing system. We are going to be getting the tower garden here soon. Do you know how exciting it is to be able to grow our own veggies year round? I mean I live in Michigan and it isn’t like I can just put a greenhouse up and make it work. We do not get enough sun here year round to make one work. I do not want to be outside in the winter weeding (I don’t want to do it in the summer either) while it is freezing outside. I also do not want to be outside in the winter harvesting what I grow (if I could grow anything in the winter here).

I am beyond happy with an indoor/outdoor, weedless, soilless, vertical growing system! When was your food picked?How could you not be excited about having lettuce, cucumbers, brussel sprouts and whatever else my heart desires all year round?

We have changed our life over the last twelve months. We have added the fruit, veggie, and berry capsules. We have increased our movements/exercise. We have been making healthier choices with food as a family. We have been doing more as a family. Overall it has been a fabulous twelve months.

All I can say for sure is that, if you know you need to make a change in your life, this is a
really simple first step to take. Adding a capsule that floods your body with whole food nutrition is really simple to do! In all seriousness anyone can do this. It is a bit different from getting fruits and veggies from the store, because it is in a capsule. Not only that but you also are not 100% certain when the food in the store was actually harvested. I can say for certain though it was prior to it developing all of the nutrition that you really need. If they waited until it was prime for the picking for nutrition, by the time it got to the store, it would be overripe and unsellable.

Have you ever really thought about that? Pretty sad when you think about it! You think that by picking fruits and veggies instead of processed food you are getting the nutrition you actually need, but you are not. It is a better choice to pick fruits and veggies, at the same time, your nutrition is lacking. Very sad.

When was the lettuce picked that you purchased at your grocery store? Take a guess! Answer is here.

Are you looking for a change in your health and wellness? Are you looking for a change in your life financially? Autoimmune issues? Illness issues? Allergies driving you nuts?

So many things are worse in this day and age because we are not getting the nutrition our bodies really need. Here is a really simple change you can make. What is it going to hurt to try capsules for four months that could change your life?

Have you used them before? Tell me what they did for you? I would love to hear from you!

What have these capsules done for you? Shhhh don't say what they are!

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