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Team Ricker Update

Currently there are no updates going on. The family has traveled to Texas to start Brison to Dr. Burzynski’s clinic to start the next phase of his treatment. The costs for Brisons treatment, due to his oncologist refusing to give a certain treatment, has gone up. Their monthly fees have gone from $17,000 a month put to $26,000 a month. They are trying to get the additional treatments covered though a compassion program, prayers welcome for that! 

Remember if you are able to donations on their gofundme page would be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate, visiting and sharing their page is also greatly appreciated!

If you are local to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and are looking for other ways to help them here are the upcoming fundraisers that are going on:

  1. March 1st-March 14th: Tires for Treatment Fundraiser. Big Ben’s Tires & Auto Repairs in Sand Lake, Michigan
  2. March 11th: Rickerstrong Bowling Benefit. Hillcrest Lands in Belding, Michigan @ 1 P.M.
  3. March 25th: Benefit BBQ Dinner. The Peppermill Grill in Rockford, Michigan @ 3 P.M.
  4. March 27th: The Score Restaurant & Sports Bar Rickerstrong Fundraiser. The Score at 5301 Northland Dr. NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525 @ 5 P.M.
  5. April 2nd: Rickerstrong Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser @ 1 P.M.

You can find more details for any of these fundraisers on the Team Rickerstrong Facebook page! You can also search for their page on Facebook by putting in @teambrison 
There is also a great update about a donation. There is a group in our area that is called 100 Women Who Care – Rockford and Surrounding Areas. They had their third meeting on March 7th and Team Rickerstrong was nominated and received the most votes as their third donation destination. So far they have collected $4,100 for Preston and Brison! 

(Also if you are from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and you are looking for a way to make a change in this community, this group may be a great option for you to look into. Look for them on Facebook by putting in @100WWC.RandSA to learn more.)

We don’t know each other the way some others know this family but God continues to put them on my heart. I continue to pray for them and I will continue to update about them here. This family is in need of prayers for strength, peace, healing, financial help and God’s touch. He can move mountains, He can do anything He chooses and I do believe prayers can change things. 

This family has been through more than anyone can possibly imagine. They have two children with cancer. They have to pay for one of their sons complete treatments. No one should EVER have to do that and yet they do. They don’t complain. They just keep pushing forward, they just keep on praying, and they just keep on going. They are doing whatever needs to be done to save their children. 

If you feel moved please share. Please visit their gofundme site. Please pray. Please help any way that you can!

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