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April the Giraffe (Dos)

There are zero words to express what this giraffe has done to my life since the 24th. My life hasn’t stopped, it has learned how to work and revolve around being attached to a wall or outlet of some kind to keep my phone working. I even sleep with her on my nightstand. I don’t even know if you can actually call it sleep (no joke I have never been so happy to have the fruit, veggie and berry capsules in the past 12 months!). I am functioning but tired because I wake up all the time to look at my phone to see if she has started to go into active labor yet.

Speaking of active labor I have started my own birth pool (with myself). I believe she is going to give birth on March 7, 2017. Mainly because I love the way it sounds for a birthday: 3-7-17. I believe she is going to have a girl. I believe she will be about 147 pounds and 5’7″. I can’t help it. I know she isn’t a person. I know this will happen when the time is right but I have my own pool going with myself. Of course as soon as I say she best hurry up because tomorrow is due date and then I’m out of the pool my adorable little man goes, “Oh come on (insert palm plant to head)! That is when I say she was going to have the baby!”. He is such a doll.

Seriously if you want to watch and see my sleep mate, my cleaning mate, my laundry mate, my working mate, my overall 24/7 companion head over to view her! 

There are still a LOT of fraudulent sites out there. Please if you are not seeing and Mazuri on the screen, if you didn’t click on Animal Adventure Park – report them! Lots of people are out there taking money for donations, selling clothing that isn’t official and making money off of the YouTube videos! 

Here are the REAL sites for April the Giraffe: 

  1. Facebook: Animal Adventure Park
  2. YouTube: View Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam
  3. Website: Animal Adventure Park
  4. Shopping: Get all your April Gear Here
  5. Sponsorship: Help Sponsor April & the Park

Also if you are reaching out to them via email please stop. They are flooded and their servers are overwhelmed because of their limits. They are having to purge their email regularly it sounds and so any schools or educational questions or requests for visits are getting missed and trashed. If you want to reach out it seems the best way to do so is on their Facebook page!

Here is their update about emails tonight: 

 Our inbox was flooded today with concerns of April stealing Oliver’s food (Hay). So many emails – that it has harmed the business – in the sense we cannot respond to emails due to capacity limits. 

#1 the shared feeder is a shared feeder…it is neither of their main food source. 

#2 The giraffes didn’t arrive with the web cam – they’ve been here years prior – and no one has starved! Please have faith in our team! Many things happen and occur off camera; including feeding, watering, enrichment, etc.

If you haven’t had the chance to go and watch the video I highly encourage it. To see her belly jump from that baby kicking and moving! It is truly amazing. I can’t tell you have many times I have just watched in awe. God is amazing isn’t He?! To know how to create such a beautiful animal. To know because they are so tall the front legs would need to bend backwards while the back legs would need to bend forward in order for them to get up and down. To make each one unique with their spots, just like each of us are unique. I do stand and stare at her in awe. I also am in awe of Oliver. To see him running and kicking around. How in the world is it possible for those tall animals to be so graceful? I am not even the height of their legs and I can barely walk with grace. I am pretty good at falling with grace though!

While this wasn’t a huge update I need to get my rest before the big day tomorrow! Hahaha – come on April, let me win my pool of one! Also if she doesn’t give birth tomorrow my second guess is March 13, 2017 (poor April, hopefully I am not correct with guess number 2!)

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