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Update Ricker Family

This is the latest update from the Ricker Family gofundme account:

Spinal Tap results are back and his oncologist said that the results confirm that this is DIPG. Brison has had a severe headache since Tuesday night and has been laying down since because it makes it worse to sit up. Please say extra prayers for the pain to go away! Preston is a doing well, and counting down the days until he can be around other people and off the special diet he is on. He is getting very bored, so if you have his number send him a text or give him a call to help pass time. We have our flights and hotel booked for Texas, we are leaving Monday evening after Preston gets his post treatment scan and have an appointment with Dr. Burzynski first thing Tuesday morning to get Brison started on the additional antineoplaston treatment. The doctor here who has agreed to give Brison the Avastin infusions he needs, since his oncologist won’t called today and said that they will be $4,500 each, so that is $9,000 a month now on top of the $17,000. I am trying to get these through a compassion program, so please add to your prayers that this can happen so we do not face this additional expense!

Help spread the word!

This family has been in my prayers for over a year now. They have overcome things with God’s help, the power of prayer is seen daily with this family! 

Please take time to share, pray, donate and lift this family up any way you can.

Please take time to visit their gofundme site so that you can share, read, pray, or donate. Where God leads your heart, that is where you should go.

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