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Ricker Family Update

Here is part of the latest update about the Ricker boys, Brison and Preston. 

Brison Update:

He continues to be on the antineoplastons treatment from Dr. Burzynski and get Avasin infusion every other week at the children’s hospital here. He has not yet started back up on the oral gene targeting medications but now that his stomach is healed and all but two of his woulds are completely healed will be restarting those in the near future. His next MRI will be at the end of the month. 

As most of you know the FDA has been trying to shut Dr. Burzynski down for years and will be taking him to court again in March. The have been unsuccessful for the last few decades and expect they will be again, however this does bring much added stress. If they were to shut him down, treatment would stop immediately for everyone in his care. This would result in Brison being back to where we were left last June. So please add to your prayers that Dr. Burzynski wins in court and that the treatment Brison is receiving will continue for as long as needed. 

If you have a moment to pray it would be greatly appreciated. If you have time to go to their gofundme page and share the full update it would be even more appreciated! 

Preston Update:

Preston is recovering from surgery great and he back to his silly normal self and started back to school today. The only restrictions he has is weight restrictions. The 12th he will start a special low iodine diet and the week of the 20th he will begin prep for his radioactive iodine therapy. The body scan that he will get on the 24th will show how much cancer ‘if any” is left in his body, which will determine how much treatment he will need to receive. There has been a shortage on the radio active iodine, so we are praying that this does not delay anything. He will be off school again that week and depending on when he gets the actual treatment will be off for an undetermined amount of time then.

This is an amazing family in my community. I could not even begin to image what they are going through. Life is full of curve balls, not because of anything other than we live in a fallen world. 

If you have the time please go visit their gofundme site. Read the full update. Pray for the family. Pray for Dr. Burzynski to win and not be shut down! Share their site with others who can pray, share and maybe even donate. 

I have never met this family personally but I do know people who personally know them. For whatever reason God keeps on drawing me to them. When He does, I pray, I share and if I have extra I donate. 

As a mother my heart goes out to them. As a child of God, to see the strength their family draws from Him, gives me a passion and desire to draw closer to Him. I do not know why God is always bringing them to mind, but when He does I stop because there is a reason.

Maybe the reason is because what I am going through is no where near what this family is going through and it is to give me perspective. Maybe the reason is because they need extra prayer at that moment. Maybe the reason is to show me God can use many and all situations for His glory, even in this fallen world. 

I will never know but I do encourage you to visit their gofundme site. Pray for them. Share for them. Donate for them. 

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