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Work From Home (Actually Anywhere)

I am going to share a secret with you. I had surgery last week Monday. I could not do anything for the week but rest and more resting. I had some complications and ended up being admitted to the hospital on Saturday. I spent my birthday in the hospital. I had a second surgery on Monday. I got paid on Monday. I got to go home on Tuesday.

What is so significant about what I just shared? If I had been working a 9-5 job, I might not have gotten paid. It is the beginning of the year. Most companies only give a couple sick days for the year. Most companies make you use vacation time if you have something like this or they make you go without pay. 

My husband and I work together. He works a lot harder than I do, but even he had to take some time off because of me. Guess what? We are not getting paid from his 9-5 job for the time he had to take off because of my hospital stay. The company he works for part time he did get paid from. 

This has become something we love. We build relationships. We help others achieve a better life from fruits, veggies and berries! We do work. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they have a work at home opportunity for you that is going to put hundreds of dollars in your bank account daily by doing NOTHING! If you see something like that RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! It is a SCAM. I will never tell you that this isn’t work because it is. However how much fun is it to talk to people all day long and work on relationships? To help educate and get people on a healthy path? 

Jack can not quit working outside of the home yet, but he will be able to some day. When we started this work at home position it was so we were getting money back from the products we were using. It didn’t take long for others to notice a difference in us though and start asking what we were doing. We had not planned on this becoming a business for us. We had planned on it being products we used and money we got back monthly from becoming a VF. There were other plans for us that I didn’t know about. 

Since joining this company we have moved up three levels. It may not seem like a big deal to some but for (me) us it is a huge deal. I have been involved in just about every work from home company there is out there. I have never made it off of the ground floor. I always invested way more money into the company than the company ever invested in me. This company is different. You don’t have to go far. You can just use the product. You can choose to become a VF for the money you get back from your product. You can also choose to help others because you want to help educate others about health and you want to build relationships! That is what we ended up doing! It was the best choice we ever made.

Do you have a desire to help people? Do you just want enough to make a vacation fund, house payment, or savings account? Do you like helping people get healthy? Do you like educating and learning yourself? Do you like developing relationships (because meeting the people on this team has been amazing in itself, but reaching out to new people and developing those relationships has been amazing!)?

Maybe you don’t want to work from home but you are looking for answers to help you and your health. We can help you with that as well!

God has been amazing to this family. We have had our hard times, we still have hard times. At the same time He has been amazing to us. He has placed this company, these people in our life right when we needed it.

Do you see that “Benefits Package”? It isn’t anything I have ever seen before from any of the work at home companies I have been a part of. Not only that I haven’t seen it before but I have never felt as if the top position was attainable. 

This company is about giving. This company is about teaching. This company is about health and wellness. This company cares not only about their employees, but those who are trying to change their lives by living the business and those who are just customers using the products to change their lives.

Are you ready to work from home? Are you ready to change your life? Talk to us because we would love to help you! 

Reach out and tell us about what you have tried before? Why didn’t it work? You have to love what you do, you have to love the products you are talking about and using! These are whole food based nutrtion, is that something you can get behind? 

We would love to talk to you! It is work, I won’t lie to you, but it is so worth it! To have the freedom to be with your children, your family, your spouse. To have the freedom to build relationships and work with others in regards to something you love. To have the freedom to work your business when you can and when you want! To be able to build up and bring in an income to help your family be free! 

I hope you reach out because this has changed our life and we would love to help change yours!

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