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Eating Healthy (Capsules) Changes Lives

There are just no words to explain how fruits, veggies and berries have changed this family. I know I have talked about some of the things it has helped with before but I want to review some of it.

I have had pain and discomfort in my face for a long time now. It has been close to 10 years. I would call myself the reverse clown face! I would smile so no one really knew what was going on inside of my head or that I had pain. I didn’t like going out in public. I avoided people as often as I could. While I know that no one said things to make me feel bad when I would hear things like, “Oh my goodness your face looks good today.” It made it even more obvious that what I thought about my face, was truth. They were not saying it looked good and it actually looked good. It was just usually that the pustules were not all over. It was not common for most of my issues to be missing. I would be missing one or another but the pain was always there. 

I started on it in March of 2016 and you can see how much my redness has gone down. You can see that I am smiling. You can see that the roughness and bumpiness has gone down. You can see the change. I have great days, good days and okay days with the redness. However what you can’t see is that I am at 97% great days for the pain level! 

My baby, Jack David has had some issues with his ferritin level. I didn’t know what that could mean for him. Last year his level was around a 24. Technically speaking it was in the normal range but for his age they like to see it around 50. They offered to put him on a high dose of iron supplements (elemental iron levels had to be taken into account) and I declined. He started his fruits, veggies and berries in March 2016. Here we are in January 2017 and his ferritin level was drawn again. He is at 49! Jack David is one point away from being at the level they want him at. It has to do with headaches, restless legs, painful legs, teeth grinding, and not sleeping well. It is a bittersweet kind of result. I am so excited with the results and his numbers going up so much and at the same time, it means his ferritin levels were not causing his nighttime issues. 

We are still working on tests to figure out what is going on with his sleeping issues. We do now know that it isn’t being caused by his low ferritin levels. It is nice to know that since he has been having his daily fruits, veggies, and berries his levels have been going up. All it took was getting nutritional essentials into his body on a regular basis. 

Bella had toe cracks her whole life. Winter, summer, spring, fall, season didn’t matter. We were always putting anything we could on them. She would sleep with socks and loaded toes. (You will not see a photo of this; I am not a foot person). They were always hurting her. They bothered her all the time because it was right in the cracks of the toes. It was only a few weeks into starting our daily dose of goodness and she started screaming, “Mommy” and I was thinking something was seriously wrong. Turned out her cracks under the toes were healing. Once we hit about 3 months they were totally gone and we haven’t had to deal with them since! Talk about an amazing gift given to us!

Here are some other amazing things. Jack has rough elbows. So rough I would wake up in the mornings and look like I had been scratched all night long by the kitties. This also added issues with my autoimmune problems. When I was in a huge flare his elbows would send shooting electrical shocks through my body. It made sleeping near impossible. About six months into using our capsules I was having a bad night and so I went to grab the coconut lotion to try and help his elbows not be so mean to me. I couldn’t find the roughness! It was in the dark and I was grabbing trying to find it and it wasn’t there. His rough elbows was like a newborn baby’s bum. 

I have had elevated blood levels for about 10 years now. One of the biggest things that has been watched is my A1C. When you are told you have a lot of illnesses and they put you on medications and give you a list of things that you can’t eat. Each illness and diagnosis would add a new set of rules and regulations and foods not to eat. I had this Dr. telling me to remove this, that and the other thing and then another Dr. would tell me to make sure to eat what the other Dr. had just eliminated but add things I was just told not to eat. At one point, if I had followed all of the “diet rules” I would have been able to indulge in WATER! 

I have had regular blood draws for the last 10 years. Just before getting pregnant for Bella I had my first diagnosed (back through records we now know it I was my second) DVT. That lead to having to be on anticoagulants my pregnancy. That lead to my life weekly blood draws. Not only to monitor my aPTT (pro-thyme level – INR)but also every three months they were watching my A1C, CBC, CMP, BMP, IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE, IgD and a couple others. 

When I went in March to have my annual physical I was on the point of her asking me if I would once again consider going on pills for my pre-diabetic state. I asked her to give me six months on the capsule I had just ordered. She agreed. At my three month recheck I had only gone down a tenth of a point. It was still backward movement and I had not seen that in over 3 years now. Then I had my six month recheck and I was beyond excited! My number was GREEN! Do you know what it means when you see a green number?! It means it is NORMAL range! For the first time in 10 years my A1C was in a normal range. 


Healthy choices can and do making a difference with your body and how it is functioning. If you have fallen upon this page, you were looking for some answers. This may be exactly what you needed to see and it might be missing the mark a little. These capsules daily have changed our lives. It isn’t just my life that has changed. It has helped change each of us in this house. Are you looking for some help? Are you looking for some answers? 

We waited eight years before starting this. It was eight years of knowing about it and not using it. It was eight years of going from medication to medication. It was eight years of no one having answer for me. It was eight years of pain. It was eight years of me getting more and more unhappy and miserable. It was eight years of wondering what was wrong with me and how I could fix it. It has almost been twelve months that our family has been on this. In these months, each and every time we have a victory I look back and wonder why I waited those eight years. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t be like I was and wait eight years to see how this could change your life. 

You can look here and see what happens in the first four months of taking these amazing capsules. I know I am completely partical but you can be as well!

How can I help you on your life change today?

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