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Some Times You Just Need to Sing and Praise

I have been very blessed in my life. I have walked away from religion. I have rebelled against life. I have hurt myself, family, friends and probably strangers. I have also come back to Christianity. I have come to build a relationship with Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. 

During the time I walked away I was in a very dark place. He kept me safe, many times that I know of and probably many times I had no clue. I do not know why currently and I may never know.

However tonight I got a complement that was hard for me to accept but I did say, “Thank You”. 

I stopped after Bible study this evening to ask a question. My pastor told me he has noticed and he does see. I am a light around the church. I have changed lives of women in the church and he wanted me to know that he sees it.

Talk about a wow moment. Honestly I kind of walked away wondering who and what I have done to change lives. Then I realized it doesn’t really matter who or what I have done.

I am being me. I am being His daughter. I am following His lead. I am His unique daughter and nothing else matters because I am doing and being who He created me to be.

So of course I was feeling a bit uplifted as I was driving home with the kiddos. So we turned up the radio, sang and praised God all the way home. 

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