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Supplement vs. Nutrition Labels

Have you ever really thought about what the difference is between a supplement and nutrition label? I never did until recently. 

I did a lot of reading at the FDA website and online in general. The FDA has a lot of words and codes and graphics and examples. However some of it was a bit difficult to understand but overall I had a general understanding.

I started out by just going and looking for the difference in their definition. So I went to my favorite dictionary website, Merriam-Webster. I looked up Supplement first and found that it is something that completes or makes an addition to. Then I looked up Nutrtion and found that it is the act or process of animals or plants using food.

Our family used to take supplements. We all had vitamins we took. We all had probiotics we took. I knew we were not getting the nutrtion we needed from the foods we were putting into our bodies. I knew that since my husband and my youngest two kiddos barely touched fruits, veggies or berries that we were not helping them. So we turned to gummy vitamins for the kids and myself. We got my husband multivitamins. We added things like Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Calcium and the list goes on.

Do you know what I noticed when we took them though? One of the biggest things was that our urine changed color. It would be a bright yellow most of the time about 4 hours after taking the vitamins. So what did that mean? Was my body not really using the vitamins I was spending money on? Why was I spending money on something my body wasn’t fully using? When I asked my doctor what was going on, basically it came down to I was urinating out what my body could not absorb. That caused me to question some more things, like if I am supposed to be getting so much of my vitamins from the supplements since I am not getting them from my food, and yet I am now taking the supplements to help me get what I need, but I am urinating enough out to change my urine color, how much and how often do I actually have to take the supplements to get what I need?

At the time though none of those questions stopped us from using them. We kept on using them because we felt like we were missing something. We felt tired and draggy and we just know there was something we needed to be doing.

I knew now the difference between supplement and nutrition. However I still didn’t know what allowed a company to put a nutritional label on packages verse putting a supplemental label on packages. That is where the FDA really came in, since they are the ones who set the standards.

I kept on reading and one of the biggest things was I kept on seeing that the DSHEA considers dietary supplements as food but it really isn’t food. They have to use supplement facts label if the supplement has: vitamin, mineral, herb, botanical, amino acid, dietary substance for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total dietary intake, or a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, extract or combination of anything listed above. (Woah, got it out). 

It comes down to the fact that even though foods have these items in them naturally, if you are breaking apart the foods to extract out the specific item, or breaking apart the original form, it is a supplement. You are not keep it in the natural state and you are breaking it up to create a substitute, to supplement the body in a different way. Yes it is considered food,  but since you are breaking it apart and creating a different form than what it started as, you can not use a nutritional facts label. 

Why do we do that? Isn’t the form that these vitamins come in naturally the best way to consume them? I have a few theories on why it has taken place but since I didn’t reasearch that I will keep my speculation to myself. 

What is a way to get more nutrtion from foods? Eating plate after plate of fruits, veggies, berries? I wish I had the money to do that. At the same time foods currently do not have the same amount of nutrtion it used to have. 

In order for a package to have a nutrition facts label what must it be made up of? In other words, if I pick up something from the store that is in a package, what are the requirements for it having a nutrition facts and not a supplement facts label on the package. It is really simple. So simple it is completely mind blowing! It has to be food.

Now go back to January 2016 when I was really feeling like we were throwing money down the toilet with the supplements we were purchasing. I personally wanted to feel better and was being told the only way to do that was to take medication A, B, C, and on. 

My friend, Dana has been using these capsules for a while at this point. She had been on them almost 8 years. I had heard about them many times. I had looked at them so many times I had lost count. I always came to the same conclusion, they are so expensive! So I would dismiss them and go on. As we approached February 2016 I saw a few things she was posting and was feeling a bit defeated. How in the world could I afford to eat 10 cups of spinach, 8 oranges, and so on each day? Not only how could I afford it, but what was all of that going to do to my body? Between all my awesome diagnoses and then having Factor V Leiden and having to limit my vitamin K because of the anticoagulant I was on (warfarin/Coumadin), I had a heavy weight in my chest. I was really feeling as if there was nothing I could really do.

Jack and I talked and we decided that we were going to give these fruit, veggie, and berries capsules a chance. I mean what if it actually worked for me? What if it helped the kiddos? What if it helped Jack? We had already tried so many things, why not give whole food based nutrtion a chance?

We decided to join the virtual franchise they offer. It had never crossed my mind to start another business. I wanted to avoid it. I was enjoying what I was currently doing. Jack thought why not join for the money back we will get on our orders. You are right, that really does make sense since we were ordering for more than one person. So we enrolled in the VF and placed orders for our family. Before I had even been on it a month, others at church started to notice a difference and see a change. That was pretty darn amazing. When you have someone come up to you and say, “I don’t know what you are doing but your changes are amazing and I want whatever you are doing!” – welcome to the new business! I had my first sale and I wasn’t even trying. 

That is life changing! 

You know one of the other things I noticed taking all these fruits, veggies and berries every day? My urine wasn’t changing color! My body, my families body was actually taking and processing and using all of the nutrition we were putting in it! How cool is that? I find it fascinating. We were not wasting our money by peeing excess out because our bodies were using it all! It was so worth the costs!

When it is broken down by day, the cost isn’t that bad. Plus our family is currently (and was from the beginning) taking advantage of the Children’s Health Study that the company participates in. That is up to four years of free products as long as Jack and I purchase ours! I am all for getting free products. While I feel it is well worth the cost that we would be paying for the kiddos, I did grow up in West Michigan and have a bit of that Dutch in me. When we finally broke it down, it costs me less for our capsules than to juice five oranges! How crazy is that?!

Are you looking to change the health of your family? It can be financial health as well as physical and emotional health (because when your physical and financial are balanced those emotions level out so nicely). 

We are a husband and wife who work together. We are changing the direction of our families life. Do you want to take control of your life? Are you someone who loves health and wellness? This is the perfect work from home business for you. This is the perfect get your family healthy company for you!

You do not have to join in order to purchase. You do not have to purchase in order to join. 

I would love to talk to you. This company that has a nutrition facts label on ALL of their products has saved our family! Could it be the way to save yours?

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