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Ricker Family Update

If you pray or send good vibes or whatever it is you do, this family could use an extra boost.

I spoke about the local family whose son, Brison was diagnosed with brain cancer last January here. They were at the time in the process of finding out if their other son, Preston had cancer as well.

Results came back and he does have cancer. This family has been diagnosed with two boys who have different kinds of cancers in eleven months time.

As a mother, I can’t even imagine what goes through her mind when she tries to sleep at night. She is a Christian and she has taught me a lot over the past year as I have followed what they are going through. However as strong as I believe my faith is, hardships and being human can still cause some strife.

If you are lead to pray, share or donate to this family it would be appreciated! You can visit their Go Fund Me page here.


I am coming to you today for the Ricker family. They are all Your children. They love You and they trust in You. I have seen some amazing strength come from this family. I have seen some amazing support for this family. I do not know what Your plan is. I do not know when or how You will heal them. I do know however that You are everything. Giving all of our worries and cares to You, because You care about us. I have seen their external strengths and belief. You are an amazing God and on Monday Preston will be having his surgery. Give peace, wisdom, knowledge and a steady hand to the two surgeons and all of the people who will be in the room with Preston. Give peace, love, support and the feeling of Your presence with all of those who will be sitting and waiting for the news from Preston’s surgery.

In Your Name, Amen

I am asking that all of you who can, please pray, share and donate if you can!



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