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Pondering The Bible

Before Christmas break at Bible study our Pastor was talking about a verse in Matthew 12. I have been doing a lot of thinking about it. It brings me comfort and at the same time it makes me sad.

For a very long time this area of the Bible has been used against people. It has been used to manipulate the body of the church and for legalistic views. It has been used to make those who believe in God to do things the churches ways instead of the Trinity’s way. It is sad.

Matthew 12:30-32 talks about the unforgivable sin. For the longest time (I am 41) I have been made to feel it is taking Gods name in vain. At 41 I have said, “G.D.” More times than I can count. I have felt for so long that I am going to hell because I took God’s name in vain. I could not be forgiven. Do I like saying it? No and yet I still catch myself saying it at times. Then I am immediately asking for forgiveness and wondering what I would have to do to be forgiven!

God doesn’t work like that. I am forgiven. Jesus came here, for me, for you, to be crucified on the cross, to shed His blood in place of mine. I am white as snow, even with all of the wrongs I do. It doesn’t mean I am out looking to do wrong, but it is all forgiven.

So what is Matthew 12 talking about then? It is talking about the unforgivable sin. Still what is it? What is the ONLY way you are not forgiven? Not believing in Christ. So to break it down: If you don’t believe in Christ, you can’t have a relationship with God and if you can’t have a relationship with God and don’t believe in what Christ did for you, then the Holy Spirit does not live within you. So the ONLY way you are not forgiven is if you do not believe. 

The unforgivable sin is not believing. Because if you don’t believe you can’t be forgiven. 

So why does this make me sad? I have a son who doesn’t believe. He did at one time. Maybe deep down the Holy Spirit is still within and working on him. I can’t say for sure. I won’t know until Christ has come again. 

It also says in the Bible there won’t be any sadness, tears, sickness and so what does that mean? If there is going to be no sorrow or sadness does that mean if he doesn’t accept Christ he will be wiped from my mind? That thought here makes me sad. But if I am in heaven (here on earth), with Christ and all of those who believe but my son is not there, that would make me sad. So will those who we love and care about here on earth who ultimately don’t accept Christ, God and the Holy Spirit be wiped from our memories? 

Of course there is no way to know for sure what it will be like. I am here on earth, alive. Then once I am in heaven with Christ I won’t know what I am missing. At least that is how I read the Bible. None of us really know what it will be like. We don’t know who will be with us, who won’t be with us, and what really will happen. 

I do know however that in order for me to be with Christ after I do leave this life, I have to believe in what Christ did for me. I have to build a relationship with God through Christ. I have to accept Christ to have the Holy Spirit within me. 

I am friends with a lot of non-believers. I love them the same as I love those who believe. I pray for them the same as those who believe. I treat them with the same respect as those who believe. I even those those who believe but don’t believe exactly the same things as I do. 

You see there are churches who use the Bible against you. There are churches who are legalistic and hurtful. There are churches who twist the Word and use it bit by bit to harm you. That is not the church I belong to. That is not the church that is within me. 

I do believe in God. I do believe God sent Christ here to earth for me. I do believe that after Christ left this earth for His last time He sent the Holy Spirit to live within each of us believers. 

So no matter what I do. So no matter what I don’t do. I am forgiven. He loved me enough to do that for me. It makes me so happy to know this is not my home, at the same time, while I am here at times it does make me sad when I think about those who currently don’t believe.

The greatest thing ever though is knowing that my love for someone who may not believe now, may be a seed that leads to a seedling, that leads to a steam, that leads to a full blown flower. Do you ever feel that way? I hope so…

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